Record Label

Shack in the Barley Productions
is a small-scale private press label set up in 2004 to release music by The Golden Gonk and all its related offshoots (Fornicating Fog, Hot-Headed Spectres, The Ice Cream Kids, Monochrome Serpent, Pigeons From Christ etc), as well as music by friends and other like-minded projects…

Many of these releases are still available to puchase at very affordable prices, so please visit the ‘Shop’ page if you would like to add any of our wares to your collections!!

To submit music for consideration, please visit the ‘Contact’ page for details of how to get in touch.



(All release titles in red are currently out of print/unavailable)

shitbar008  The Golden Gonk “Cat in a Courtyard” / “A Cloud Imitating a Bush” (CD-R) 2004
shitbar009  The Golden Gonk “Songtrees” (CD-R) 2004 / (CD-R – partially remixed) 2008 / (Cassette – “Songtrees…Plus” with two bonus tracks) 2014
shitbar010  The Golden Gonk “Individual Grace – A Pauper’s Supper, or Music to Ignore” (CD-R) 2005
shitbar011  The Golden Gonk “Hye & Hellow” (CD-R) 2005
shitbar012  The Golden Gonk “Gonk Skronk” (CD-R) 2006
shitbar013  The Golden Gonk “The Hollow Roll of the Egg” (CD-R) 2006
shitbar014  The Golden Gonk Untitled (CD-R) 2006 / (Cassette) 2016
(no cat no.) The Golden Gonk “A Moonset of White Frogs” (CD-R) 2006
shitbar015  The Golden Gonk “Slept Like a Log” (CD-R) 2006 / (Cassette) 2016
shitbar016  The Golden Gonk “Flower Throats” (CD-R) 2006 / (Cassette) 2017
shitbar017  The Golden Gonk “Flung or Slung Into the Chattering Abyss…” (CD-R) 2006
shitbar018  The Golden Gonk “Du Gonkst Mir” (CD-R) 2006
shitbar019  Fornicating Fog “Atonal Sleep Creation” (CD-R) 2006
shitbar020  Hot-Headed Spectres “Cross-Pollination at the Point of Flame” (CD-R) 2006 / (MP3 – partially remixed and re-recorded) 2013
(no cat no.) The Golden Gonk “Spittle Branches” (CD-R) 2007
shitbar021  The Golden Gonk “A Lobster in an Armchair” (CD-R) 2007 / (Cassette – “A Lobster in an Armchair” / “Improv for Annoying Helicopter” with one bonus track) 2017
shitbar022  The Golden Gonk “Skeletons Waltz on the Dirty Pier” (CD-R) 2007
shitbar023  Fornicating Fog “Anointing Deer With River Scum” (CD-R) 2007 / (Cassette) 2017
shitbar024  Fornicating Fog “Every Garden a Grave” (CD-R) 2007 / (MP3) 2013
shitbar025  The Sun Sun Boys / The Ice Cream Kids “The Sun Sun Boys Ate The Ice Cream Kids” (CD-R) 2007 / (Cassette – with two bonus tracks) 2017
shitbar026  The Golden Gonk “I Don’t Show in Mirrors” (CD-R) 2007
shitbar027  Various Artists “Still, Dim, Smoked & Starved (1997-2007)” (CD-R) 2007
(no cat no.) Monochrome Serpent “Eriskkiarae” (CD-R) 2007
shitbar028  The Golden Gonk “A Lucid Monastery” (CD-R) 2008
shitbar029  The Golden Gonk “It Soon Will Be…As I’ve Dreamt It” (CD-R) 2008
shitbar030  The Golden Gonk “Erotic Erraticism” (CD-R) 2008
shitbar031  The Golden Gonk “Below Deck” (CD-R) 2008
shitbar032  The Golden Gonk “Wild Waves” (CD-R) 2008
(no cat no.) Monochrome Serpent “Phallocentricity” (CD-R) 2008
shitbar033  The Golden Gonk (with Boo Goose & Tester Cull) / Fornicating Fog / Ehtylboj “Nice Oranges, Old Stag” (CD-R) 2008
shitbar034  The Golden Gonk “A Temple in an Apple” (CD-R) 2008
(no cat no.) Monochrome Serpent “Damp” (CD-R) 2008
shitbar035  The Golden Gonk “Tempted by Lice, Stolen by Sleep” (CD-R) 2008
shitbar036  The Golden Gonk “If I Were a Dog, I’d be Dead Twice Over” (CD-R) 2008
shitbar037  Hot-Headed Spectres “The Satanic Sweeping Brush” (CD-R) 2008
shitbar038  The Golden Gonk “Frog Hue Mulch Meets Bloody Sky” (CD-R) 2008
shitbar039  The Golden Gonk “Remembered Embers” (CD-R) 2009
shitbar040  The Golden Gonk “Leave the Mood in a Good House” (CD-R) 2009
shitbar041  The Golden Gonk “I’d Love to See Her Naked” (CD-R) 2009
shitbar042  The Golden Gonk “Laughing While Dreaming in the Cold Dawn Light” (CD-R) 2009
shitbar043/044  The Golden Gonk “Nostalgic Dangle From the Corpse of the Moon” (2 x CD-R) 2009
shitbar045  The Golden Gonk / Shitehawk “Midnight Tea With the Jersey Devil” (CD-R) 2009
shitbar046  The Golden Gonk “A Fading Sunface” (CD-R) 2009
shitbar047  The Golden Gonk “November Fire” (CD-R) 2009
shitbar048  The Golden Gonk “Fragrant Cotton Cocoon / Here Comes Th’orse” (CD-R) 2010
shitbar049  The Golden Gonk “Fruit Bowl Full of Flies” (CD-R) 2010
shitbar050  The Golden Gonk “Jacqui Grimes / Lazy Wolds” (CD-R) 2010
shitbar051  The Golden Gonk “Old Themes, New Dreams” (CD-R) 2010
shitbar052  The Golden Gonk “Sinister Hallowfire” (CD-R) 2010
shitbar053  The Golden Gonk “A Far Cry Down This Chosen Path” (CD-R) 2011
shitbar054/055  Scrapie Flock / Playful Dick “Crumbling Mouth Parables” / “Treatments” (2 x Cassette) 2014
shitbar056  The Golden Gonk “The Farts of Cadavers” (MP3) 2011
shitbar057  The Golden Gonk  “Synaesthesic Afternoons” (MP3) 2011
shitbar058  The Golden Gonk “On the Subconscious Promenade” (MP3) 2011
shitbar059  The Golden Gonk “Bright Emissions From the Weapons Room” (MP3) 2011
shitbar060  The Golden Gonk “Flickering Greens, Leaking Blues & Exploding Blacks – Live Summer 2008” (MP3) 2011
shitbar061  The Golden Gonk “Ich Träumte von den Dunklen Zeiten” (MP3) 2011
shitbar062  The Golden Gonk “Craters” (MP3) 2011
shitbar063  The Golden Gonk “Four Wedges of Cake” (MP3) 2011
shitbar064  The Golden Gonk “Peculiar Roots” (MP3) 2011
shitbar065/066  The Golden Gonk “The Moon is Heaven” (2 x CD-R) 2011
shitbar067 The Golden Gonk “Seasons of the Gonk” (MP3) 2012
shitbar068 The Golden Gonk “Towards…” (MP3) 2012
shitbar069 Breath of the Onion “Laying Low for a Living” (CD-R) 2012
shitbar070 The Golden Gonk “Lapping Ripples are Hatched in Whispers” (MP3) 2012
shitbar071 Three French Roosters “Sober Doberman Enjoys a Cemetery Sandwich” (MP3) 2012 / (Cassette – “Sober Doberman Enjoys a Cemetery Sandwich – Year of the Rooster Edition”) 2017
shitbar072 Hermit at the Fireside “Hermit at the Fireside” (MP3) 2012
shitbar073 The Golden Gonk “Truncheon & The Dreaming Brain” (MP3) 2012
shitbar074 The Golden Gonk “The Horizon Grew Dimmer” (MP3) 2012
shitbar075 The Golden Gonk “Earwax (And Other Things That Are Yellow)” (MP3) 2012 / (Cassette – with four bonus tracks) 2013
shitbar076/CCA001 I’ve Known Places “Smile, You’re Now on Acid” (MP3) 2012
shitbar077 The Golden Gonk “Sand Behind the Curtains” (MP3) 2012
shitbar078 The Golden Gonk “Psychedelic String Death / Paint On Apples Fantasia” (Cassette) 2012
shitbar079 A Castle in a Parcel “The Days of Wine & Bananas” (MP3) 2013
shitbar080 Mink & Mutton “Mink & Mutton” (Cassette) 2013
shitbar081 The Golden Gonk “The Turtle’s Head” (Cassette) 2013
shitbar082 Acrid Skull “Acrid Skull” (MP3) 2013
shitbar083 The Masked Thief “Lost to the Mists” (MP3) 2013
shitbar084 Salad With Ganesh “My Own Shit as Two Enormous Writhing Eels / Correcting Annoying Grammatical Errors in Shop Sign’s” (Cassette) 2013
shitbar085 Keswick Reflections “Keswick Reflections” (Cassette) 2013
shitbar086 MMIII “Free Manure” (Cassette) 2013
shitbar087 Various Artists “Pregnant with the Past” (MP3) 2013
shitbar088 The Marmots “Spanish Radio 2000” (MP3) 2013
shitbar089 Jamie Azzopardi “Blue Movie Grooves 2002” (MP3) 2013
shitbar090 Harridans of the Harvest “Retreading Raw Reddened Realms” (Cassette) 2013
shitbar091 Mink & Mutton “II” (Cassette) 2013
shitbar092 MMIII / TGG “Ten Since ‘Then’” / “Now That I’m a Woolly Mammoth Full Grown” (Cassette) 2013
shitbar093 MMIII “I Always Was a Cannibal” (MP3) 2013
shitbar094 Pigeons From Christ “Strumming in Tongues” (MP3) 2013
shitbar095 Life Ends at Thirty “Life Ends at Thirty” (MP3) 2013
shitbar096 MMIII “Remember the Rebirth” (MP3) 2013
shitbar097 Jamie Azzopardi vs The Golden Gonk “Filthy Tape Soup 1999: Volume 1” (Cassette) 2014
shitbar098 Jamie Azzopardi vs The Golden Gonk “Filthy Tape Soup 1999: Volume 2” (Cassette) 2014
shitbar099 A Castle in a Parcel “Halsall, Bedford, Coxhill, Ayers” (MP3) 2014
shitbar100 Sky Sacrifice “Fake Nazi Yeti” (MP3) 2014
shitbar101 Book of Shadows / Harridans of the Harvest / Nectar of the Moon / 14 Graves of Interest Split (Cassette) 2014
shitbar102 MMIV / MMIII “Crying for a Life That’s Passed” (Cassette) 2014
shitbar103 The Golden Gonk “Say It With Hammers” (Cassette) 2014
shitbar104 The Golden Gonk “Creature Booze” (Cassette) 2014
shitbar105 Eggz Benidorm “Pottery Lions Roar When No One is Listening” (Cassette) 2014
shitbar106 Mink & Mutton “Three (Mink as Mutton)” (Cassette) 2014
shitbar107 MMIII “Boiling” (MP3) 2014
shitbar108 Milky Minotaur “Those That Produce Milk Should Be Healthier Than Those Who Drink It” (MP3) 2014
shitbar109 J.G.D. Azzopardi “Contemplation in Isolation” (Cassette) 2014
shitbar110 MMIV “Start a New Job, Fuck Your Workmates, Move On” (MP3) 2014
shitbar111 I Should’ve Torn Out Your Eyes / TGG “I Should’ve Torn Out Your Eyes” / “Pondering August” (Cassette) 2014
shitbar112 The Golden Gonk “Kitsch Wing” (Cassette) 2014
shitbar113 The Golden Gonk “Fusty Ferret” (MP3) 2014
shitbar114 MMIV “Having a Great Werewolfing Time of It” (MP3) 2014
shitbar115 Hot-Headed Spectres & The Formidable Melting Gonk “Fiendish” (Cassette) 2015
shitbar116 The Masked Thief & The Golden Gonk “Seaside Moods Vol. 1” (Cassette) 2015
shitbar117 Gator Cruise “Gator Cruise to Infinity” (Cassette) 2015
shitbar118 Milky Minotaur “Bull Whip (For TLH)” (MP3) 2015 / (Cassette – with two bonus tracks) 2016
shitbar119 Banana Pill / Morbid Rainbow / Ratkiller / Sky Sacrifice Split (Cassette) 2015
shitbar120 Various Artists “Hunting Horns Echoed Through the Fleapit – An Esoteric Call to Arms” (Cassette) 2015 / (CD-R) 2015
shitbar121 MMV “A Desert Thick with Hair” / “Shaving for Golem” (Cassette) 2015
(no cat no.) TGG “Skirts: Pure Electronic Works 2012 – 2015” (Box Set containing 4 x Cassette and 1 x CD-R) 2015
shitbar122 Salad With Ganesh / I Should’ve Torn Out Your Eyes “There’s Always One Bastard Burning Junk Somewhere Off in the Distance” / “Navigating the Extremities of the Mushroom Circle with a Certain Amount of Trepidation” (Cassette) 2015
shitbar123 14 Graves of Interest “Last Meal on Death Bed Street” (Cassette) 2015
shitbar124 MMV / The Golden Gonk “That Sock Looks Nice on You” / “The Threatening Leaf” (Cassette) 2015
shitbar125 Jamie Azzopardi vs The Golden Gonk “Filthy Tape Soup 2000” (Cassette) 2015
shitbar126 The Formidable Melting Gonk “Brief Slumber of the Sad Vampires” (Cassette) 2015
shitbar127 J.G.D. Azzopardi “Fünf für Moebi” (MP3) 2015
(no cat no.) The Golden Gonk “Individual Grace- A Pauper’s Supper, or Music to Ignore” / “Hye & Hellow” (2 x Cassette) 2015
shitbar128 I Should’ve Torn Out Your Eyes “Happy Bunny” (MP3) 2016
shitbar129 Sky Sacrifice / Unlikely Dreamfellows “Palm Tree Thrash” / “A Greasy Toss Off” (Cassette) 2016
shitbar130/131 MMIV “Keep a Camera in Your Mind” (2 x Cassette) 2016
shitbar132 The Golden Gonk “Irdischen Meditationen über Horror und Porno” (Cassette) 2016
shitbar133 Uton / The Gonk with a Luminous Nose / Roped Off / Sheaf & Froggatt Split (Cassette) 2016
shitbar134 The Urinating Goblin “Saucy Nature- Vaginal Wood Knots & a Penis Tree” (Cassette) 2016
(no cat no.) Various Artists “Shack in the Barley Productions- A Sampler” (Cassette) 2016
shitbar135 Hermit at the Fireside “II” (Cassette) 2016
shitbar136 Mink & Mutton “Fourth: That Touch of Mink…And Mutton” (Cassette) 2016
shitbar137 Unlikely Dreamfellows / Sky Sacrifice “Split II” (Cassette) 2016
shitbar138 The Golden Gonk “Three EPs From 2006” (Cassette) 2016
shitbar139 Lean Out Your Window, Golden Gonk “Upstairs at the Emerald Horse” (CD-R) 2016
shitbar140 Morbid Rainbow “Plausible Oxymorons” (Cassette) 2016
shitbar141 The Golden Gonk “Say it With Hammers II” (Cassette) 2016
shitbar142 Milky Minotaur & 14 Graves of Interest “The ’70s Slaughterhouse” (Cassette) 2016
(no cat. no.) The Golden Gonk “Gonk Skronk” / “The Hollow Roll of the Egg” (2 x Cassette) 2016
shitbar143 MMV “A Different Agenda to the Sheep” (MP3) 2016
shitbar144 Neil Campbell / Jamie Azzopardi / Bear Bones, Lay Low / Salad With Ganesh Split (Cassette) 2017
shitbar145 The Golden Gonk “Seaside Moods Vol. 2 – Coastal Ghosts” (Cassette) 2017
shitbar146 The Fossil Tree / The Golden Gonk “Seaside Moods Vol. 3” (Cassette) 2017
shitbar147 Green Mouth Jesus “I Drew My Blues in Felt Tip Hues” (Cassette) 2017
Charles Barabé / Howl of the Lacerated / Andrew Paine / Toucan Lifecycle Split (Cassette) 2017
shitbar149/150 Sky Sacrifice “Pollinated Air Levitations” (2 x Cassette) 2017
shitbar151 The Golden Gonk “The Best of the Self-Releases” (Cassette) 2017
shitbar152 My Gonk Hates My Heroin Untitled (Cassette) 2017
shitbar153 The Gonk in Heat “Flesh for Emmanuelle…Blood for Caligula” (Cassette) 2017
shitbar154 Pigeons From Christ “Improv for Jesus” (CD-R) 2017
shitbar155 Green Shattered Dream “Dovestones – The Demos” (MP3) 2017

Most of the MP3 releases listed above are still available for free download on the ‘Listen & Download’ page of this site (where you’ll also find audio samples of tracks from various releases by The Golden Gonk).

Shack in the Barley Productions also has an official SoundCloud page, on which you can hear further audio samples:

…and another ‘cos I ran out of space on the first one…


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