FIVE NEW CASSETTES OUT NOW – Kröten Schwanz & The Golden Gonk / The Urinating Goblin & Skulls That Have Sex (split), Eagle Downer (debut release), The Golden Gonk (compilation and reissue) and Fornicating Fog (compilation) + Other News!!


Tapes can be purchased through Discogs or directly through this site. To order through Discogs, please go here:

To order direct, please contact me at the following address with details of the titles you would like to purchase:




Kröten Schwanz & The Golden Gonk / The Urinating Goblin & Skulls That Have Sex – “Acid Folk for Life!” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar169) – £3.50 (not including shipping)

Kröten Schwanz & The Golden Gonk:

A) Beer Garden With a Bad View (18:19)

The Urinating Goblin & Skulls That Have Sex:

B) Acid Folk ’til Death! (17:43)

Heavyweight tag team jam-a-thon, full of magic, mystery and delight…

Aqua C40 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus an insert.




Eagle Downer – “Hallucinatin’ Bikers” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar170) – £2.50 (not including shipping)

A) Hallucinatin’ Eagles (9:41)
B) Biker Downer (9:08)

Two sides o’ lonesome, queasy throbbin’ and wah-in’ from this self-contained psych blues unit…

Yellow C20 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus an insert.




Fornicating Fog – “Boglights in the Fog” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar171) – £3.50 (not including shipping)

A1) Ehebrecherisch Nebel (10:13)
A2) Der Feuchte Traum (17:42)
B1) The Unwelcome Spirit (5:39)
B2) Black Ice, Cabbage Roses & Bark Alchemy Somewhere Up Near This Winter’s Moon (20:33)

Two cuts apiece from the first and last FF CD-Rs, focussing on deep Kraut exploration, bone-chilling dark droneage and ghostly autumnal improv…

Green C60 cassette in a clear case, plus an insert.




The Golden Gonk – “Three EPs From 2008” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar172) – £3.50 (not including shipping)

“A Lucid Monastery”:

A1) G! (2:03)
A2) Windhead (2:28)
A3) Drowsy Drowsy (6:41)
A4) Aardvark Trampoline (Flesh Bonanza) (2:33)


A5) Untitled (1:56)

“It Soon Will Be…As I’ve Dreamt It”:

A6) It Soon Will Be… (19:28)
B1) …As I’ve Dreamt It (5:56)

“Below Deck”:

B2) A Lungfull of Beach (14:17)
B3) Touching Noses With a Shark in the Mirror (15:12)

Three long gone ‘uns from ’08 gathered for your convenience and bolstered by a contemporaneous previously unreleased outtake…gadzooks…this material was recorded and mixed in Blackpool and Preston (Lancashire) between 2002 and 2008…

Blue C75 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus inserts.




The Golden Gonk – “Frog Hue Mulch Meets Bloody Sky” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar038) – £3.50 (not including shipping)

A1) Drunk With the Master on the Smoke of a Stream (10:39)
A2) Snarling Faun With Pagan Bones (14:34)
B1) We All Do Wicked Things (15:14)
B2) On a Stormy Fucking Night (10:29)

Improvised folk/noise/ambient/psychedelic wanderings, recorded in a fit of who-knows-what in gloomy December 2008…the first piece is eternally dedicated to the memory of Davy Graham…10 years gone…dang…

Red C60 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork, plus an insert.





Various Artists – “Godspunk Volume Nineteen” (Pumf Records and Tapes, PUMF 770)

1) Digital Sickness – Howl in the Typewriter
2) Game of Thrones – Unit
3) Stealing the Pennies From a Dead Man’s Eyes – Dr. Awkward
4) Satanic Mass – Flux of Yellow Daisies
5) Always There – Nil by Nose
6) Who Won the War – Unit
7) Black Cat – Howl in the Typewriter
8) Everyone Leaves You in the End – Shy Rights Movement
9) 2000 in 10 followed by King Piranha – Aware
10) Share the Same Thoughts – Unit
11) Leaving the Laboratory – The Golden Gonk
12) In Whose Nostrils Was the Breath of Life? – Howl in the Typewriter
13) This May Be a Tad Uncomfortable – Dr. Awkward
14) Gaudeamus Igitur – Unit
15) Hanging Like an Elf – The Large Veiny Members
16) Insecticide Track 1 – Flux of Yellow Daisies
17) Endlessly Blue – Shy Rights Movement
18) The Loch and the Glen – Unit
19) The Glory of the Sun – Howl in the Typewriter
20) Wake Me – Nil by Nose
21) Puttin ‘Em Back – Dr. Awkward
22) Soul Patrol – Unit
23) A Mill1oooooon – Howl in the Typewriter

The excellent “Godspunk” CD series was established in 2003 by Pumf Records man pStan Batcow and has now reached its nineteenth volume!! As you can see, there’s an exclusive Golden Gonk track on here, alongside untold amounts of aural wonderment from underground luminaries Howl in the Typewriter, Unit, Dr. Awkward, Flux of Yellow Daisies, Nil by Nose, Shy Rights Movement, Aware and The Large Veiny Members!!

For more info/to pick up a copy, please visit one of these links:




J.G.D. Azzopardi – “Phone Sex for Ducks” (Moon Myst Music, no cat. no.)

1) Singing Cataclysm / Untitled (13:53)
2) Phone Sex for Ducks (8:47)
3) Dying Candles (10:18)
4) Cemetery Improv / Sarah’s Grave (9:42)

“Phone Sex for Ducks” was recorded and mixed in summer/autumn 2018 at the behest of Daniel Dlugosielski and is now available for download/streaming from Moon Myst Music’s Bandcamp site:

Cassette version to follow at some point in 2019!!


So that’s it for yet another year- as ever, thanks to all the artists involved in the stuff released by Shack in the Barley Productions in 2018 and to all the people who supported the label by buying its wares!!

See you in 2019!!



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