FIVE RELEASES OUT NOW – Morbid Rainbow (new cassette), The Golden Gonk (new and double reissue cassettes), Milky Minotaur & 14 Graves of Interest (collab/split cassette) + MMV (free album download)!!


Tapes can be purchased through Discogs or directly through this site. To order through Discogs, please go here:

To order direct, please contact me at the following address with details of the titles you would like to purchase:



Morbid Rainbow – “Plausible Oxymorons” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar140) – £3.00 (not including shipping)

A1) Sexy Compost (8:52)
A2) Plausible Oxymoron (9:27)
B1) Virgin Hooker (8:38)
B2) Evil Jesus (9:14)

Following on from a clutch of itty bitty releases- y’know, probs stuff like floppy disk EPs, novelty-shaped interview flexis, Betamax video singles of impromptu performances in Ashby-de-la-Zouch and 3 second teaser snippets only accessible via a crackly 1-800 hotline, this here cassette is- I’m reliably informed- the very first full length jammer from electrowhizz Mike Hertz!! Not that it matters, of course- whatever the release type, whatever the format, whatever the moniker, this cat’s shizzle always tickles your sweet spot in a humdingin’ abstract-psych-minimal kinda way- JUST the way we like it…so grip this tape pronto and err, be tickled!! Right on…

Green C40 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus an insert.



The Golden Gonk – “Say it With Hammers II” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar141) – £2.50 (not including shipping)

A1) Splatter Blackjack (1:53)
A2) Say it With Hammers II (11:08)
A3) Laugh & Death (1:34)
B1) Burning Wrists (4:19)
B2) Die by the Gavel (5:23)
B3) Scrotum (4:35)

Birthed from the smoke of that swingin’ palace, straight from the lizard’s nethers- a set of seaside contemplation…planning your life away on dead time, as numb as they come…waiting awhile ’til the fruit’s on the edge of decay, ’til the pond’s on the brink of stagnation, then awhile longer for good measure…but never mind the SHOCK and the SHRIEK of the times, never mind the SNOT and the SPUTUM- I said it all the same in the end…

Yellow C30 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus an insert.



Milky Minotaur & 14 Graves of Interest – “The ’70s Slaughterhouse” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar142) – £3.00 (not including shipping)

A1)  Milky Minotaur & 14 Graves of Interest – The ’70s Slaughterhouse (2:05)
A2) 14 Graves of Interest – Ox Blood Orgy (9:03)
A3) 14 Graves of Interest – Stable to Grave (5:17)
A4) Milky Minotaur & 14 Graves of Interest – The ’70s Slaughterhouse (Continued) (7:09)
B1)  Milky Minotaur – Bovine Eyes (14:15)
B2) Milky Minotaur & 14 Graves of Interest – The ’70s Slaughterhouse (Concluded) (10:01)

The death of the cow…a death that brought life…a death that brought sex…a death that brought soup…the moos turned to cries- cows did NOT enjoy the ’70s…the leering whirring, the immortal execution…the immoral exploitation- hey, “you got what you wanted”…waltzing and stabbing, through mist and deception…chasing and chunnering in amidst the dangled carcasses…the mounds of steaming offal…the streams of foaming blood…this is music to eat beef baguettes by…

Red C50 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus an insert.




The Golden Gonk – “Gonk Skronk” / “The Hollow Roll of the Egg” (Shack in the Barley Productions, no cat. no.) – £4.00 (not including shipping)

“Gonk Skronk”:

A) Mouth, Mouse, Armpit, Tarpit & Cowshit (21:05)
B) Muffled Laughter Behind Half-Open Doors (21:20)

“The Hollow Roll of the Egg”:

C1) The Sagittarian Gong (1:22)
C2) Bird of Stars (11:48)
C3) Nine Line Dream (2:14)
C4) The Prehistoric Ruins of the Banana People (3:54)
D1) Sleepy Gerbil Raga (4:53)
D2) The Lion Set Sail (13:28)

Two more “edition of diddly-squat” Gonk CD-R missives from ancient times brought back from the OOP graveyard and combined into this handsome twofer cassette set for your delectation…whew, try saying that quickly after a few rocks of crack!! But enough with the tongue-twisters, what of the SONICS?! “Gonk Skronk” was gonna be a double- a right old avant “sink blocker”, as they say in the business- until I wised up, sacked off the heinous detritus (some of it’s out there somewhere, no doubt, on the black market) and left ye with but two side-long monoliths of warped amp dredge, drowsy starlit minimalism and eerie coastal dreamhouse explorations!! “The Hollow Roll…”, on t’other cloven hoof, consists of a bunch of ‘otherness’ that slithered and shimmied my way during the same epic stretch of GETTING SHIT DOWN that slimed out not only “Gonk Skronk”, but the strange and sexy sisters “Individual Grace…” and “Hye & Hellow” too…end of sesh jams re: seafaring, misheard snatches of dining room conversation and wisdom tooth extraction…a lustful living room raga, in the shadow of ‘the horns’…a percussive flight of fancy…and some other bits!! Definitely sounds like a party to me…

2 x white C45 cassettes in a clear double case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus an insert.




MMV – “A Different Agenda to the Sheep” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar143)

1) The Roadie (0:58)
2) Nightmares on a Damaged Sofa #2 (3:18)
3) Avoid Heroin and Rivers (2:46)
4) Swarm of the Sandflies (4:09)
5) The Most Evil Thing I’ve Put My Name To (3:06)
The Gnat Turd Derails the Steam Train:
6) Frolics with Her Skeletal Distant (3:18)
7) Look at Your Chinchilla, Girl (3:05)
8) Nautical Smokescreen (3:35)
9) The Thin Ice Has Cracked (3:19)
10) Chocolate Martyr (3:15)
Intersectional Interlude:
11) At the Intersection #4 (4:05)
The Flame Was an Hallucination:
12) Biscuits From the Horned One (4:15)
13) Smooth Sailing on the Seas of Dracula’s Balls (9:08)
14) All Night Wolf (3:05)
15) Hotbrush Shrine (2:47)
Alien Environments:
16) I Offered My Wing of Comfort (4:06)
Dissolving Like a Dream at Daybreak:
17) Ructions #1 (1:16)
18) Theme From ‘Preston Bye Ta Ta’ (1:53)
19) I Want to Be a Bin Man (3:09)
20) Teeming with Vermin (2:49)
21) Freekin’ Out the Masses (8:13)
22) Birthing the Bird (5:19)
23) Preston Bye Ta Ta (For Now) (4:07)

Boredom…the BEST kind…not that I knew it then- where for art thou TUMULT?! Waiting in the wings, I s’pose- trapped behind a frigid wall of lethargy, desperately in need of new batteries…cowering, caramelised, coming through concrete- so long to all the longing and thanks for the crumbs…scatter them along the canalside, bury me in shadows, wield an ugly scalpel, play LOUDLY for the ‘ghosts’…

Download the zip file here (contains both the music and full artwork):

Size – 118.83 MB


Ah, the ending of another year- thanks to all the people involved in the stuff released by Shack in the Barley Productions in 2016 and to everyone who bought and/or downloaded it!!

I’ve got loads of cool stuff planned for 2017, so keep checking back!! See you next year…

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