FIVE NEW TAPES – Hermit at the Fireside + Mink & Mutton new albums, Unlikely Dreamfellows / Sky Sacrifice split EP and The Golden Gonk reissue and comp!!


Tapes can be purchased through Discogs or directly through this site. To order through Discogs, please go here:

To order direct, please contact me at the following address with details of the titles you would like to purchase:




Hermit at the Fireside – “II” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar135) – £3.00 (not including shipping)

A1) Cold Marble, Colder Iron (11:58)
A2) Cogitation II (3:54)
B) Extinguished Flames in an Empty Room (16:56)

A long while gone since that 1st haunted session, the Hermit was again ready for the house…with implements gathered, the rust resonated…some cities away, glasses were drained, their clinks almost melding with the dings in the dim light…all laughter subsumed by charred chimney howlings…

Pea green C35 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus an insert.




Mink & Mutton – “Fourth: That Touch of Mink…and Mutton” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar136) – £3.00 (not including shipping)

A) (That Touch of) Mutton V (17:28)
B) (That Touch of) Mink V (17:28)

With their truculent talents now split evenly between deepest Singleton and exotic Kirkham, the Mink & Mutton boys’ musickal mong-out sessions have become fewer and farther between of late…I mean, seriously?! It’s like, 10 minutes on the fucking train…failing that, ever heard of email?! “The postal service”?! Carrier pigeon?! But hey- time flies in this part of the world, so what’s 2 years among fwends?!

Good to have ’em back in the Shack, whatever- smoked slime electrics, malevolently mouldering string wranglings, languidly looping oboe honks and the sinister sound of SOMEONE’S MUM’S COOKER ALARM GOING OFF (oooh, terrifying!!) are just some of the delights served up at this veritable sonic buffet!! Dig in or be damned!!

Pink C40 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus an insert.




Unlikely Dreamfellows / Sky Sacrifice – “Split II” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar137) – £2.00 (not including shipping)

Unlikely Dreamfellows:

A) The Mole of Bromley (10:03)

Sky Sacrifice:

B1) Blowjob From a Vampire (5:13)
B2) Crucified T-Shirt (4:17)

The nice thing about split tapes is that, if you like the ‘company’ of the artist(s) you’re sharing with, you can put another together!! And only a fool would forego a second chance to occupy hallowed tapespace with the mighty UNLIKELY DREAMFELLOWS (the duo of Katie Richie and Steve Graham), whose “The Mole of Bromley” is an unsettling, but beautiful “cold garage fantasia on troubling visions, shifting east to opposing climes…dark was the night and plentiful were the slaughtered animals”…my side picks up where “Palm Tree Thrash” from the last split left off- minimal metal maulings hover over audial flea markets of keys, bass and samples…in other words, nothing less than the perfect soundtrack for your next visit to a public bog in East Tunbridge!!

Orange C20 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus an insert.




The Golden Gonk – “Slept Like a Log” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar015) – £3.00 (not including shipping)

A1) Clouds & Crows Having Orgasms (6:36)
A2) Bloodsucking Grass (5:23)
A3) Paws Full of Claws (8:27)
A4) Like a Prehistoric Bird in Waiting (14:11)
A5) The Winter Died (2:31)
B1) It Will Rain All Week (10:36)
B2) Conversation of Stones (5:39)
B3) The Silt (18:28)

The ’10 year anniversary’ GG reissue juggernaut powers on with a nice new edition of this mulch-heavy epic, originally gifted to the world as a CD-R. Intended as a ‘sequel’ to 2004’s “Songtrees” album, “Slept Like a Log” is, was and ever shall be another mixture of raw, untreated free psych folk rockin’ performances and field recordings, plus some electronically modified layers and other such fun shit!! I’ve used a different mix of “Bloodsucking Grass” to the one that was on the original issue, other than that everything’s the same as it was back in hazy, lazy ’06!!

Green C80 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus an insert.




The Golden Gonk – “Three EPs From 2006” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar138) – £3.00 (not including shipping)

“A Moonset of White Frogs”:

A1) A Moonset of White Frogs (15:03)

“Flung or Slung Into the Chattering Abyss…”:

A2) Neither Flesh Nor Fish Nor Good Red Herring (18:48)
A3) A Fish Needs a Hat (9:39)
B1) And Death is Deaf (Blood is Blind, Fish Are Dumb) (5:05)

“Du Gonkst Mir”:

B2) Low Winter Sun (13:33)
B3) Stagnant Marsh (15:57)

Some riveting trivia about the creation of these EPs…

  • After getting the idea to record a rain storm for “A Moonset of White Frogs”, I had to wait about two weeks for one to occur!! Two weeks!! In the North West of England!! Whatever next?!
  • An episode of A Life of Grime (or something similarly gross) was on the telly in the background whilst I was tracking “A Fish Needs a Hat”…yeah, some guy had died in his kitchen during a really hot summer and was only discovered after his body liquidised into the lino and started dripping into the flat below!! Fuck!!
  • The source material for “Low Winter Sun” was recorded live in a HAUNTED CHURCH!! Err, I say haunted- thinking back, those noises may have just been from the MICE…

Purple C90 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus an insert.



Many thanks if you choose to order anything and thanks to all the artists involved in this month’s batch!! Plenty more stuff to come before the year is out- keep checking back for updates!!


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