TWO NEW TAPES OUT NOW – Banana Pill/Morbid Rainbow/Ratkiller/Sky Sacrifice four-way split + “Hunting Horns Echoed Through the Fleapit…” comp

Tapes can be purchased through Discogs or directly through this site. To order through Discogs, please go here:

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Banana Pill / Morbid Rainbow / Ratkiller / Sky Sacrifice – Split (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar119) – £3.50 (not including shipping)

Banana Pill:

A1) Sand (22:02)

Morbid Rainbow:

A2) Luxurious Anxiety (8:47)
A3) Rotten Handwash (9:18)


B1) Mermaid Elegy (9:02)
B2) Framed and United (3:23)
B3) Underwater Dancer (9:45)

Sky Sacrifice:

B4) Slider Between Worlds (20:38)

Howl it to the hills and swing yerselves from the rafters, folks, ‘cos here at Shack HQ it’s four-way split time again!! And what a stellar line-up we’ve got…

The excellent Finnish duo Banana Pill kick things off with a glorious 22 minute abyss dive culled from assorted improv sessions- mile wide drones, animalistic yowls, shattered percussion, nightmare loops of obscure origin…heady stuff!! I’m not used to hearing BP travel through such dark sonic terrain…but I like it!! Morbid Rainbow is the latest project of Brit Mike Hertz and his audial assemblages are just as oxymoronic as his artistic moniker would suggest- sublimely primitive keyboard motifs are juxtaposed atop deeply queasy wormholes of synth, out of focus rubber band bass loops, blasts of feedback and cat scratch violin to great effect. Estonia’s wonderful Ratkiller commences the flip with a shimmering stretch of Kosmische bliss- all gorgeous oceanic synth chords and heavenly trem guitar, followed by the cutest Forst circa ’76-esque miniature I ever did hear!! RK’s final contribution is an epic trance-out collage powered by House-y piano and deeply funky drum loops, with a whole host of reverbed shenanigans going on in the middle distance!! My own project Sky Sacrifice closes proceedings with a hearty dose of landslide guitar, sub-caveman tub thumping and a big old bunch of squiggling, whooping, bleeping and swooshing…come on- would you expect anything less?!

Orange C90 cassette in a clear case with full colour tape labels, plus inserts.



Various Artists
– “Hunting Horns Echoed Through the Fleapit – An Esoteric Call to Arms” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar120) – £3.00 (not including shipping)

A1) Three French Roosters – “Cuttings From the Butcher’s Floor (Reanimating the Dead Bits)” (7:38)
A2) Monochrome Serpent – “Catalogue of Face” (2:37)
A3) MMIII – “Smelly Gem” (5:04)
A4) I’ve Known Places – “Don’t Drop By” (4:12)
A5) Milky Minotaur – “Bull Whip (For TLH) – Part 2” (5:56)
A6) Pigeons From Christ – “Coke Deal” (2:50)
A7) Salad With Ganesh – “Spending a Fortune on a Crusty Old Wehrhammer CD-R, Only to Find it’s Being Reissued as a Double LP in a Matter of Weeks” (7:37)
B1) Dogging – “Dogging” (2:33)
B2) The Golden Gonk – “Painterly Silence in a Maze Lined with Rowanberries” (10:36)
B3) Hermit at the Fireside – “Cogitation I” (3:54)
B4) Playful Dick – “I Paid a Visit to the Unicorn” (4:58)
B5) Mink & Mutton – “Inhale Their Deadly Barbeque (Mutton III)” (8:15)
B6) Harridans of the Harvest – “Petting a Werewolf” (4:21)
B7) MMIV – “You Look Like a Lion” (4:09)

‘Unoficially’ 12 years in the making…’officially’ it’s more like 3…whichever way you cut it, this here comp took *fucking ages* to come together, but I’ll be damned if the ever grinding cogs of time didn’t bleedin’ well grant me with a shitload of extra musical treasures to go alongside what I already had, fattening the whole shebang up rather splendidly!! So yeah- what’ve we got…’comeback’ tracks from ancient friends, fetid final offerings from long dead units, err- pretty much the *only* offering from officially the shortest-lived project of all time, fresh works by VERY MUCH ACTIVE artists at the peak of their powers…plundered porno music, summer field melancholia, bloated doom moves, crusty tape filth, floaty loops of yesteryear, lonesome bunker balladry, fucked up free freakery…70+ minutes of rare blooms and strange growths…I think you get the general idea…

Grey C80 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus inserts and a bonus toy soldier.

No samples for this one as there’s JUST TOO MUCH to choose from, but if you already like what we do here at Shack in the Barley Productions (or just love weird, jumbled up comps in general), then chances are you’ll love the fuck out of this too, so why not just buy one?!


Many thanks if you choose to order and/or download anything and thanks to all the artists who contributed their fine music to this month’s killer duo of cassettes!!

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