THREE NEW RELEASES – J.G.D. Azzopardi, MMIV, Milky Minotaur


Tapes can be purchased through Discogs or directly through this site. To order through Discogs, please go here:

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J.G.D. Azzopardi
– “Contemplation in Isolation” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar109) – £3.00 (not including shipping)

A1) A ‘Begegnungen’ Sky I (2:28)
A2) Linear (8:19)
A3) Breezy Days on Mykonos (5:18)
A4) A ‘Begegnungen’ Sky II (3:32)
B1) Asteroid (4:09)
B2) Funfair Dusk (10:11)
B3) Feeding the Cat in Early June (4:53)

A great hammering filled the afternoon…it clung to the wind, sandwiched ‘tween revelry and glorious silicone. I filled my nets, lidded my jam jars, readied my brushes to paint flesh on the boney bits, heated my pans to frazzle the rawness, rummaged and rattled in search of a likeness- strange terrain was old news, but never did I need it more than then…

Transparent blue C40 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus an insert.



– “Start a New Job, Fuck Your Workmates, Move On” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar110)

1) Ninja (2:42)
2) Spinning Your Tits Like Electric Wolves (4:11)
3) Famous Pussy (Live) (4:19)
4) Enter the Kraut (7:14)
5) All Night Imp (3:04)
6) Pint Glug (3:06)
Fixations of a Dickless Salamander:
7) At the Intersection #2 (3:11)
8) Expulsion Through Jazz Rock (3:35)
9) Smog Shrouded Dawn (3:07)
10) Gold Death in a Gold Car (3:42)
11) Old Train, New Flame (3:14)
12) I Feel So Evil (2:51)
13) The Green-Eyed Beast of No Man’s Land (3:16)
14) Welcoming Sacred Strings (2:29)
Solar Lust (Silly Season in the Cement Mixer):
15) Solar Lust (4:07)
16) Stewing (10:07)
17) Chavs by the Cemetery, Congealed Grease in the Oven and Jandek on the Stereo (3:12)
18) I Grew You a Gift (3:15)
19) Power Nap (2:47)
20) Guts in a Cement Mixer (4:08)
21) It’s Only Glass (3:05)
22) Tears on the Heron’s Wing (4:03)
23) Soul Worm (1:54)

You sensed them coming- their colours, their flavours…four in a row…pet projects one and all…with clean hands and a change of lightbulb you were good to go, hot to trot- the boredom burnt away…under that watchful gaze you had a trunk full of skunks, a pocketful of planets…you were the clown, the juggler- giddy on fuzz and wah, floundering in fields and forests, sundazed and smitten- forever stopping to sniff the flowers, drooling on ripened fruit…

Download the zip file here (contains both the music and full artwork):

Size – 80.76 MB


Milky Minotaur – “Those That Produce Milk Should Be Healthier Than Those Who Drink It” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar108)

1) Those That Produce Milk Should Be Healthier Than Those Who Drink It (18:39)

A glimpse through glass at the age of magic…another lungfull of its air- thick with smoke and dung…another chance to bathe in that perfect stillness…an awakening of the exquisitely intangible, sailing in on others’ slipstreams, but enveloping all the same…how could we resist?? Sawing through the psyche, baptising the senses…so ritually turned on, it just had to be…

Download the zip file here (contains both the music and full artwork):

Size – 17.59 MB


Many thanks if you choose to order and/or download anything!!

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