THREE NEW TAPES OUT NOW – Book of Shadows/Harridans of the Harvest/Nectar of the Moon/14 Graves of Interest, Scrapie Flock/Playful Dick, MMIV/MMIII


April 2014 tapes
Tapes can be purchased through Discogs, through Bandcamp or directly through this site.

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4-way split
Book of Shadows / Harridans of the Harvest / Nectar of the Moon / 14 Graves of Interest – Split (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar101) – £3.50 (not including shipping)

Book of Shadows:

A1) Invocation of the Archangels (4:37)
A2) Pressing Sweet (2:59)
A3) No Source of Power in the Bushes (Stage of Sticks & Leaves) (7:29)
A4) Spirit in Boo’s Eye (7:23)

Harridans of the Harvest:

A5) Unabashed (10:31)
A6) Corn Dolly Lover (11:09)

Nectar of the Moon:

B1) An Eye in Heaven (21:39)

14 Graves of Interest:

B2) Acid, Blonde as Rainbows (19:07)

4-way C90 sprawl featuring equal parts US and UK underground talent- on the YELLOW side, Texan legends Book of Shadows weigh in with a suite of glowing psychedelic excellence, followed by the curious loops and esoteric ambience of the hermetic Harridans of the Harvest…flip the tape over to the BLUE side and you’ll find a stellar stretch of liminal minimalism from Nectar of the Moon (aka Gitche-Anahmi-Bezheu, Dream Safari, Water Lily Jaguar etc), while Blackpool’s 14 Graves of Interest wrap up proceedings with the first of their sinister tributes to ’70s/’80s trash horror movie wonderment…

Yellow/blue C90 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus inserts.



SF/PD split
Scrapie Flock / Playful Dick
– “Crumbling Mouth Parables” / “Treatments” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar054/055) – £4.00 (not including shipping)

“Crumbling Mouth Parables”

Scrapie Flock:

A1) Silage / Sewage (2:06)
A2) Flooded Barn (4:05)
A3) Scrapie Flock (3:03)
A4) Crumbling Agriculture (2:07)
A5) Fly-Tipping (8:51)
A6) Moorland Prowler (4:08)

Playful Dick:

B1) Joining (3:11)
B2) The Gorilla, My Familiar (5:47)
B3) Only Friend (4:06)
B4) Barely There Seaside Skeleton (2:47)
B5) Brick Wall to Nowhere (4:29)
B6) They’ll Tell You Any Old Crap (3:53)


Scrapie Flock:

C) Treatment – Lice, Camera, Action (18:41)

(Source material by Playful Dick)

Playful Dick:

D) Treatment – Wolves Took the Ewes, Foxes the Lambs (17:34)

(Source material by Scrapie Flock)

Double cassette madness from this odd couple- on “Crumbling Mouth Parables”, Scrapie Flock provide all the dark, dank agricultural decreptitude you could ever wish for…deeply parasitic synth and feedback cling to the damp underbelly of collaged wood/metal/glass improv…meanwhile Playful Dick have cooked up some fresh music to accompany a bunch of ancient, previously unused lyrics, coming across in the process a little like Richard Youngs trying to make a Black Sabbath mini-album…or is it the other way around?! For “Treatments”, the Flock and the Dick swapped scraps and proceeded to commit heinous acts upon said source sounds, to predictably DELIGHTFUL effect.

Green C50 + C40 cassettes in a clear double case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus inserts.



MMIV/MMIII split 1MMIV/MMIII split 2
MMIV / MMIII – “Crying for a Life That’s Passed” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar102) – £3.00 (not including shipping)

MMIV “Some Things Should Never Be So Bloody Long Ago”

A1) A Brain Full of Tinnitus (4:04)
A2) Blanked Outside the Emerald Horse (5:03)
A3) For Really Sensible Sex (3:12)
A4) Serpentine Interruption (2:54)
A5) Frost on a Big Lily Pad (3:14)
A6) The Painters are In (2:53)
A7) Famous Pussy (Home) (4:07)
A8) Loop of Blues (For Bert & John) (3:54)

MMIII “‘The Toad in Your Coat’ & Other Hum-Along Favourites”

B1) Heavy Resistance from the Pork Wall (4:31)
B2) On Set (For the Slasher) (3:14)
B3) The Toad in Your Coat (3:37)
B4) Tom Read the Tea Leaves (3:05)
B5) An Aesthetic Quest Somewhere Up Garstang Road (4:07)
B6) A4 Muck Adventures (3:06)
B7) The Kilt and the Potato (3:09)
B8) Tenure (4:11)

Come the end it razzed and writhed somewhere near the floor- a fart so ripe, there for all to savour…pointed disappointment, no itch to scratch, though soon enough in swooped fantasies, scenes of ill repute, dreams of startling reality…we’d already paid for our punishment upon gelatinous groundings and sought solace in clouds and cats and gypsies…the rest we’ll save ’til bedtime…though wind back twelve and we wuz barely cookin’- still suckling on the misery tit, extra helpings of bacon- everything so primitive, the interiors so very ’70s…trundling through mulch brought its own problems- a new pit to fill…there was little we could put into words, but we all knew it needed spelling out…O-U-T…

Clear cassette with gold liner and a red sticker in a clear case with full colour artwork (choice of two different covers), plus an insert.




Many thanks if you choose to order anything and thanks to all the artists involved in these releases!!

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