TWO FREE RELEASES – MMIII “I Always Was a Cannibal” and Fornicating Fog “Every Garden a Grave”


I just did the adding up on my pocket calculator and guess what?? In total there’s over two hours of free audio treats up for grabs this month!! You’d be a fool not to indulge yerself…

MMIII “I Always Was a Cannibal” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar093)

1) Trafalgar (2:32)
2) Ambience for Platforms 1-3 (3:20)
3) New Year’s Mantra (8:18)
4) I Think You Deceive Me (4:33)
5) She Shagged the Drummer out of BRMC (3:21)
6) Weed Ceremony Boredom (15:09)
7) Meet the Stallion (3:18)
8) Empty Echoing Corridor (5:21)
9) Too Fucked to Wank (3:09)
10) Feedback 2003- More Illicit Signals (3:50)
11) I Missed All the UFOs (Thanks to Light Pollution) (4:12)
12) Public House Hellos, Pool Hall Goodbyes (3:09)
13) Secret in the Surf (4:39)
14) Pénétration d’un Squelette (3:14)
15) Soul Shavings Left in Cowbridge (4:03)
16) Gone, Like Snow on the Water (4:23)
17) All Lines Lead to Cornpipe for the Mumbling Sleepwalker (4:38)
18) Frozen Heap of Stars (1:13)
The Grey Area:
19) An Industrial Baptism of Sorts (4:34)

Yet more loop-filled laments for the ‘golden age’, ever slipping away. “I Always Was a Cannibal” is the first of two insanely massive MMIII collections that I’ll be hosting here before the end of the year. All analog and digital source material recorded in various locations throughout 2003, then remixed in 2013. Thanks to all the people and places that inspired these tracks.

Download the zip file here (contains both the music and full artwork):

Size – 80.75 MB


‘The Golden Gonk presents…’
volume 6…

Fornicating Fog “Every Garden a Grave” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar024)

1) Every Garden a Grave (41:09)

Originally released as a CD-R back in spring 2007, this was the third and final Fornicating Fog album produced by the original quartet of The Urinating Goblin, The Voyeuristic Wizard, The Mooner of Romney Marsh and The Heavy Breather of Heathrow. Within its 41 mouldy, shadowy minutes, “Every Garden a Grave” features jams from the full line up as well as some solo bits and pieces from each member. Load this onto your MP3 player the next time you go wandering in the woods and prepare to shit your pants!!

Download the zip file here (contains both the music and full artwork):

Size – 38.07 MB

PS- some of you may recall that back in May I announced that volume 6 of ‘The Golden Gonk presents…’ would be an anthology of material by the short lived Blackpool duo Fairy Farts- unfortunately the members decided that they didn’t want this release to go ahead due to personal reasons, hence the reissue of “Every Garden a Grave” occupying the volume 6 slot instead.



Life Ends at Thirty s/t
Pigeons From Christ “Strumming in Tongues”
MMIII “Remember the Rebirth”

Bye for now…

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