THREE NEW TAPES OUT NOW – Harridans of the Harvest, Mink & Mutton, MMIII/TGG



1 x cassette : £5.50 (UK), £7.00 (Europe), £8.00 (World)
2 x cassettes : £9.00 (UK), £10.50 (Europe), £11.50 (World)
Batch deal (3 x cassettes) : £12.00 (UK), £13.50 (Europe), £14.50 (World)

Tapes can be purchased directly from this site or through Discogs. To order direct, please contact me at the following address with details of the titles you would like to purchase:

To order through Discogs, please go here:


Harridans of the Harvest
“Retreading Raw Reddened Realms” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar090)

A1) A Boggy Mist Surrounded the Spire (2:38)
A2) Buckled Aluminium & Pink Rimmed China (9:12)
A3) Hubris (8:49)
A4) Harvest Days Are Here Again (4:04)
B1) A Fountain Fantasy (4:18)
B2) The Lost Day (6:04)
B3) A Nothing Hour (14:07)

“You have to hand it to them- they knew when to shine their silver, when to hold up a mirror, when to say nothing so eloquently with their tongues dipped in strange places, when to rattle ribcages in spite of your temperament and when to leave you stranded in silent night gardens with saucer eyes all upon you. Come fog or fug, come the personable or the psychopathic, the redness encroached…come the unbeatable or the unbearable their backs never turned, though he told me his resolve weakened, just as all those spears were sharpened, as they stood proud ‘neath weak, jaded sunlight, soon to fall upon bloody fields, forlorn and unused. Consider yourself lucky- you felt not the frost, you felt not the apathy, only gentle cascades and words of contentment, your kindness spared from the jaws of the wolves…”

“Retreading Raw Reddened Realms”- the debut full length recording by Harridans of the Harvest- goes some way to channel the spirit of the 1980s UK esoteric underground with its brittle post punk basslines, eerie drones, minimal cultic folk dirges, noisy sound assemblages and richly detailed lyrics, delivered in whispers, screams and all things inbetween…

Dark orange C50 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus inserts.



Mink & Mutton
“II” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar091)

A) Mutton II (19:31)
B) Mink II (19:31)

“Slowly but surely it’s all coming together, with every scrabble through soil more flesh is revealed!! We covered the head, we patched over the ribcage, we fended off predators when logic deserted, we filled up our buckets, kneaded and flowered, laid up the table and fired up the oven…though no one’s coming to dinner…no one ever comes to dinner…I often wish they would…but who can blame them with so many faces at the windows- deathly white and full of scorn…the distant burning pyres can only hold their gaze so long, before its time to embrace deception…time to embrace that streetside filth, skewered and spitting, shamefully spinning…”

Another illicit dose from everyone’s new favourite vendors of plugged in, pugilistic sonic perversion, now with added ‘classical sophistication’, they tell me…or in other words, there’s the sounds of people playing violins and pianos and oboes and shit entombed beneath the layers of fuzz, flange and the improper useage of household appliances…at a guess!!

Baby pink C40 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus inserts.



“Ten Since ‘Then'” / “Now That I’m a Woolly Mammoth Full Grown” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar092)


A1) Lavender Puff (2:29)
A2) Hairy Waltz (4:12)
A3) Show Me Where the Fleas Bit You (3:33)
A4) Gargoyles of Singleton (4:29)
A5) After the Afternoon (4:49)


B) Now That I’m a Woolly Mammoth Full Grown (19:43)

“It was an ordinary enough Wednesday- all washing lines and chilly soles, the month still blinking and bewildered at its very existence…a brain buzzing with stinking beasts, cones spilling over with crust and small sculptures. In some ways our man caved in- he pandered to that grubby cause…shuffled towards that fading formation…threw scraps at the sickly stray, its arse still smarting from the brand of melancholy, a stamp of sadness, ripe for endless remoulding under the leaping bovine moon. Meanwhile come Sunday the farce was in full swing!! Devoid of faith and pregnant with frustration, the corner was haunted and the emptiness swelled in spite on that smokey afternoon. With an ear to the walls nothing much was heard- just talk of terrain long since dusted over…of spliffs long since extinguished…of black clouds long since blown away…this simply would not do!! The eggs all so hollow, the extremities unsure of where to land…thankfully all the ‘answers’ were coming, somewhere south of the abductions…”    

The first split release from Shack in the Barley Productions in bloody ages!! MMIII bring you a whole lotta loops on their side- five fragile flights…hiss-filled hymns OF the past and FOR the past, while TGG offers up an epic psychedelic doom/free folk hoedown/trashed out improv rock fantasia on a golden auldie. A most satisfying combination!!

Transparent purple C40 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus inserts.



Many thanks if you choose to order anything!!



The year may be drawing to a close (already??!!), but we’re still far from done here at Shack in the Barley Productions with regards to 2013 releases…

Next up:

Fornicating Fog “Every Garden a Grave” (MP3- reissue of the OOP CD-R from 2007)
MMIII “I Always Was a Cannibal” (MP3- the second full length album from this project)

Look out for these some time in late November…


R.I.P. Lou Reed (1942-2013)

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