BRAND NEW STUFF – “Pregnant with the Past” nostalgia comp, plus EPs by The Marmots and Jamie Azzopardi / New Golden Gonk EP on Treetrunk Records


August '13 release collage
Exciting times in this neck o’ the woods as there’s a whole load of new releases to feast your ears on this month…keep readin’ for the lowdown…


Various Artists “Pregnant with the Past” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar087)

1. MMIII – “Weeks by the Fish Pond” (3:50)
2. Rocket Miner – “Cascades and Mountains” (3:51)
3. Salad With Ganesh – “Infiltrating the Chav Palace Forever Back” (5:46)
4. John Magill – “Pronoun Trouble” (4:27)
5. David Sanders – “Forgotten Photograph” (2:28)
6. Keswick Reflections – “Green Pill on the Red Seats” (6:14)
7. Ironing – “All Request Dance Party Radio October 2, 1994” (4:33)
8. The Golden Gonk – “Nostalgia Frees the North Sleeper” (4:54)
9. inbetweenschemes – “…Goes On Like a Broken Record” (5:25)
10. A Castle in a Parcel – “Give the Body Wings II” (6:57)
11. The Outside World – “A Slice of Life” (2:59)
12. Light Sleeper – “Well and Truly Forgotten” (9:09)
13. Sun Sun Boys – “Carnon Plage” (3:54)
14. Mark Bradley – “Seeker” (4:07)
15. Fickenwulf – “Tribut…an den blutroten Jahr” (4:51)
16. Rob Maguder – “Piano & Guitar Duet feat. Richy Midnite” (3:26)
17. Harridans of the Harvest – “Old Rope” (4:45)
18. Mink & Mutton – “The Last Fur Farm (Mink III)” (8:15)
19. Thee Crumb – “Floating Downstream” (2:33)
20. Where’s Uranus? & H.J. Hemisaurus – “Twist of Cain” (6:39)
21. Juba Tafouzelt – “Nostalgia” (1:03)

One hundred minutes of pure nostalgia. Thanks to all the contributing artists!!

Available for free streaming and/or download exclusively from Shack in the Barley Productions’ Bandcamp site:


The Marmots “Spanish Radio 2000” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar088)

1. Spanish Radio 2000 (Original Version) (2:57)
2. Spanish Radio 2000 (I’ve Known Places Remix) (4:15)
3. Spanish Radio 2000 (The Golden Gonk Remix) (3:43)
4. Spanish Radio 2000 (Collin Crust Remix) (4:42)

YES- the tape containing this vintage slice of just-postmillennial naive surrealist psychedelic collagery was found!! Finally!! IT’D BEEN UP IN THE LOFT THE WHOLE TIME!! So yeah- here it is, as nature intended, backed by three brand new remixes!! Imagine that!!

Available for free streaming and/or download exclusively from Shack in the Barley Productions’ Bandcamp site:


Jamie Azzopardi “Blue Movie Grooves 2002” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar089)

1. Porn Music #1 (Feel the Heat) (2:08)
2. Porn Music #2 (In G Minor) (2:35)
3. Porn Music #3 (It’s a Shuffle) (2:17)
4. I Just Couldn’t Resist You (11:53)

It seems like I told pretty much everyone that came within 10 feet of me during the early ’00s that once upon a time I made up some music for non-existent porno films. Yes, I really was that interesting back then. Few got to experience the actual sonics though, unfortunately. Anyway- as of today ALL THAT CHANGES!! Yes, the nostalgic/archive plundering madness continues with this release, which consists of the original “Porn Music…” MIDI ‘trilogy’ from spring 2002, plus a brand new stretch of surging, pulsing power drone made up of heavily modified elements from said trilogy, plus other bits and pieces rescued from stray floppy disks in 2001/2002.

Available for free streaming and/or download exclusively from Shack in the Barley Productions’ Bandcamp site:

Thanks a lot to anyone who checks this stuff out!! Hope you enjoy it!!



Yes indeed- there’s new Golden Gonk audio to be had via the fine folk at Treetrunk Records…

The Golden Gonk “As Sticky as Summer Ever Got” (Treetrunk Records, treetrunk 279)

1. Bees Come in with the Bedclothes (10:09)
2. Honey Stuck the Moth to the Big Fuzzy Peach (9:43)

All source material recorded in August 2012, then mixed in July 2013.

“As Sticky as Summer Ever Got” is dedicated to the glorious summer of 2003- gone, but never forgotten (by me at least).

Get it here:


Next up from Shack in the Barley Productions- cassettes by:

Harridans of the Harvest
Mink & Mutton

More news on these soon…

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