FOUR NEW TAPES OUT NOW – Salad With Ganesh, Keswick Reflections, The Golden Gonk, MMIII



1 x cassette : £5.50 (UK), £7.00 (Europe), £8.00 (World)
2 x cassettes : £9.00 (UK), £10.50 (Europe), £11.50 (World)
Batch deal (3 x cassettes, PLUS the bonus MMIII cassette while stocks last) : £12.00 (UK), £13.50 (Europe), £14.50 (World)

Tapes can be purchased directly from this site or through Discogs. To order direct, please contact me at the following address with details of the titles you would like to purchase:

To order through Discogs, please go here:


Salad With Ganesh
“My Own Shit as Two Enormous Writhing Eels” / “Correcting Annoying Grammatical Errors in Shop Sign’s” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar084)

A) My Own Shit as Two Enormous Writhing Eels (23:41)
B) Correcting Annoying Grammatical Errors in Shop Sign’s (24:29)

“Oh what a miserable few weeks…’evil’ implied everywhere. Solace was sought in vanilla and lithium, in habits of a past life. And so- hooded and hidden- a path was plodded through pissed out puddles. Body electrified by melancholia. One in the can, the sack…deep in the pocket, but in search of a ‘mate’…eyes darting, feet fleeing down grimy streets with shells for sale…chuckling as the brain filled in the blanks, as the blue found its green, though ‘hopes’ were dashed by the babbling rabble. It was worth it I suppose…then home to mystery silver and skull slacks…lengthy monologues from Uncle Sleazy (circa 2002)…all served to warm the wounds…all served to dangle the carrot a few more steps ahead…”

Two sidelong slabs of heavy/heavenly abstracted electronic gloop from the duo project Salad With Ganesh. The man known simply as GD manned the synths, tickled the bass strings (both the fuzzy and squeaky clean varieties) and crafted the infuriatingly catchy (or maybe just infuriating?) loops, while SM handled vocals and gathered field recordings in her metaphorical field recording basket (or was it a carrier bag?).

Dark blue C50 cassette in a clear front/black back case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus an insert.



Keswick Reflections
s/t (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar085)

A1) Keswick Reflected (8:09)
A2) The Retreat in the Rain (10:11)
A3) Travelling Riverside Whiplash Tales (6:06)
B1) The Lure of the Shimmering Crystal Cave (12:03)
B2) No Shiner on Dunmail’s Grave (4:49)
B3) Post-Lake Blue Crash Beer Garden (7:34)

“A strange place for sure, if you’re that way inclined…’sensitive’ to it. Fizzy pop bottle storms brewed the whole year through and eventually erupted over hormonal teenage bunk beds at the foot of the hill and somewhere north of the cold stone slab. The seeds of wicked plans were watered with river droplets, but soon our barbed bushes needed burning and our autumn willows were a-weeping. Yes, I substituted, reshuffled, went weak at the knees…I let her don that costume, whilst midgies bobbed in nebulous formations. I sat in a daze, removed from that afternoon, I stood in bemusement, for we had not the money, barely a can to pee into, perhaps a rock rag to mop our sweaty brows, but certainly not a change of socks. So, back to that house ‘neath leaden skies, back to that house in constant shadow, where the woodland rider and his piercing eyes were covered up for good…”

A beautiful and fully realised collection of drifting pastoral synth meditations and watery guitar ragas…of blue sky sequencer burbles and hovering grey sky drones and moans…each piece ripe with nostalgic longing and beamed in from the heart of the Lake District.

Pale blue C50 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus an insert.



The Golden Gonk
“Earwax (And Other Things That Are Yellow)” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar075)

A1) Submarine (3:08)
A2) Bananas and Lemons (7:31)
A3) Pages (7:20)
A4) Rubber Duck (3:29)
A5) That Song by Coldplay (3:02)
A6) Piss (4:57)
B1) Brick Road (4:11)
B2) Dandelions and Buttercups (8:11)
B3) The Key of C# and the Number 4 (4:04)
B4) Rapeseed (3:07)
B5) Rachel’s Dress on June 7th (7:41)
B6) Budgies in Custard (4:08)

“A primitive and minimal electronic ‘soundtrack’ to a bizarre, quasi-dystopian vision of the future I once had, in which a certain famous telephone directory company (headed by Bobby the Banana- look him up) had violently overthrown the government and was slowly in the process of turning the UK completely YELLOW- our streets, our buildings, our clothes, our vehicles, the food and drink we were permitted to consume, the toys we could give our children, the flowers we could plant in our fields and gardens, the trash on our radios…all yellow…”

First released in July 2012 as an MP3 download, this cassette reissue of “Earwax (And Other Things That Are Yellow)” features four previously unreleased bonus tracks. Recommended if you like low key alien works such as Cluster’s “Curiosum” and “Gelb” by Conrad Schnitzler.

Yellow C65 cassette in a clear front/yellow back case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus an insert.



“Free Manure” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar086)

A1) Free Manure (8:03)
A2) January Hammerings in Grim Old Shitdumps (4:20)
A3) The Gloves Are On (5:53)
A4) Sand Dune Sunday (4:34)
B1) Is That What That Was? (4:36)
B2) A Hardon and a Broken Heart (4:32)
B3) Free Manure #2 (5:05)
B4) Free Manure #3 (5:37)
B5) How She Glowed (4:37)

“What ended in shit was reborn in shit 11 months on. The sign said it all. There we stood and there we laughed. It’s as if the first Sabbath LP sleeve could’ve been shot here!! Mirrored guilt manifested itself as a bloodsucking cloud of inevitability, though I suppose we shook it off around about “The Ocean”. I know it’s a bold claim, but we *were* in ‘training’…it’s all slurred and blurred now inside one big red rusted paint pot…one chance to ‘be’ and ‘feel’ and visualise enormous cephalopods in unlikely places…if you weren’t there, you’d never understand…your ‘there’ is probably elsewhere…at some other bus stop, hanging around some other rock pool, crossing some other deserted bridge at some other sunset…not a care ‘neath your hair other than how to SLEEP through the HEAT. That searing heat!! It kills but I do it anyway. And I’d kill to get it back. Every piss boring smoke shrouded ear bleeding bus riding town tripping fumble through a glorious unknown. THAT glorious unknown!!”

Nine ‘new’ compositions made up of nothing but ‘old’ sources- namely thick wads of fluterring private bedroom tape jumble and brittle slivers of digital detritus, all recorded during the fruitful year of 2003, then melted down and moulded into exciting new forms a decade later. Spanish guitar elegies, minimalist drum mantras, ice cold synth drifts and hovering clouds of fuzz are calling through the dense fug of years, begging not to be left behind in obscurity.

Red C50 cassette in a frosty poly case with full colour artwork and tape labels. This tape is ONLY available as a special bonus to the first few people who order the above three tapes together.



Many thanks if you choose to order anything!!

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