NEW TAPES – Sneak Preview / Compilation Update


new tapes july 2013
Yes…the moment you’ve all been waiting for…a teasing sneak peek at the forthcoming set of tapes from Shack in the Barley Productions!! I’m pretty damned excited to be releasing these…here’s precisely what’ll be up for grabs in about a week or so

i) Keswick Reflections s/t (C50…six ambient works- some beautiful…some strange…all great!!)

ii) Salad With Ganesh “My Own Shit As Two Enormous Writhing Eels” / “Correcting Annoying Grammatical Errors in Shop Sign’s” (C50…finely detailed psychedelic oddness from this male/female duo)

iii) The Golden Gonk “Earwax (And Other Things That Are Yellow)” (C65…last year’s ‘quasi-dystopian nightmare soundtrack’ reissued with 4 bonus tracks!!)

iv) MMIII “Free Manure” (C50…nostalgia in excelsis volume 1…this tape will ONLY be available as a special bonus to the first few people who order the above three tapes together)

As I said, these will be available to purchase from here within the next week or so with sound samples and all that malarky.



OK, so the deadline for submissions has been and gone…thanks to everyone who sent me tracks!! Here’s the list of all the contributing artists…

A Castle in a Parcel Mark Bradley Fickenwulf The Golden Gonk Harridans of the Harvest inbetweenschemes Ironing Keswick Reflections Light Sleeper John Magill Rob Maguder Mink & Mutton MMIII The Outside World Rocket Miner Salad With Ganesh David Sanders Sun Sun Boys Juba Tafouzelt Thee Crumb Where’s Uranus? and H.J. Hemisaurus

If you sent something before the deadline (July 1st) but can’t see your project listed, then please get in touch asap so we can ‘arrange redelivery’ as it were. Please email me at the following address:

I’m aiming to get this compilation out within the first half of August. It’ll be available from the official Shack in the Barley Productions Bandcamp site exclusively!!

Bye for now…

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