‘THE GOLDEN GONK PRESENTS…’ – volume 5 “Lost to the Mists” by The Masked Thief / GONK AKTION UPDATE – May 2013

_tmt smallerIt’s here…‘The Golden Gonk presents…’ volume 5…and it’s all yours…if you want it…

The Masked Thief “Lost to the Mists” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar083)

1. Lost to the Mists (15:46)

“In the beginning there was a table and a choice of chairs…a foyer and a choice of doors…a clammy handshake. Bonds were forged with exotic birds. Instructions were scrawled on silicone tits…drip drip. Lost already, somewhat…but still easy to stumble upon, if you so wished. And so we came and we dispersed in myriad formations- an egoistic hokey cokey of chopped logs and bad count-ins. Then lost again, straddling seasons…but sure as shit, the rivers converged and the salmon leapt, to toast the times and feast like hounds. Self defence mechanisms firmly in place, we stretched and strained like rubber bands, becoming floppier and harder to define. Then lost for good, our era ‘neath the cleaver. Remember- away from that house you were not Mozart. Away from those fields you were not Jesus. Christ had no drummer…”

A beautiful and eerie collage piece from The Masked Thief, originally put together in late August 2008.

Download the zip file here (contains both the music and full artwork):


Size – 14.58  MB


‘Now’ is above, ‘next’ is below…


Yes, with a bit of luck, come the summer Shack in the Barley Productions will be flooding your earholes with new produce. Here’s what’s in the psychedelic pipeline…

* TAPES – hmm, cassette-wise we’re talking FULL LENGTH albums by Keswick Reflections, Salad With Ganesh, MMIII and (inevitably) one by The Golden Gonk. These should be ready (and willing) by mid-July. More info coming soon…

* MP3s – as far as digital releases are concerned, soon I’ll be putting out volume 6 of ‘The Golden Gonk presents…’– “Fairy Story”, an anthology of music by the obscene boogie/psych/folk/blues/minimalist duo Fairy Farts, who privately published a single (“I’m a Witch” b/w “You’re an Arsehole”) and an album (“Banned in Scandinavia”) back in 2009, before disbanding indefinitely. This collection will feature both of these releases, plus a previously unreleased album outtake and a track submitted towards a compilation that never was. Also on the way is an archival EP featuring a recently re-discovered track from 2000 by The Marmots (one of the names I went under pre-The Golden Gonk), which will also include remixes of said track by such luminaries as I’ve Known Places. Oh, and not forgetting the nostalgia-themed multi-artist compilation (which I’m still accepting submissions for- see below for details). Look out for these in about August…



Pretty self-explanatory really. Go here if you want to check it out…


At the moment there’s a small selection of releases from the ‘Free Gonk’ and ‘The Golden Gonk presents…’ series, plus some of the other free MP3 bits and pieces that Shack in the Barley Productions has put out (like the Castle in a Parcel and I’ve Known Places EPs) available to stream and/or download. Over time I hope to add old OOP CD-R titles and maybe even some ‘exclusives’…wait and see…



Yes, (as mentioned before) I’m still accepting tracks for the compilation album that I was wittering on about in the past couple of updates. Have a read of those for the full details, but if you can’t be arsed doing that, in a nutshell I’m after tracks about/inspired by/evoking nostalgic thoughts/feelings etc. Style-wise, anything goes- ambient, drone, folk, psychedelic rock, noise, lo-fi, dub, Black Metal etc etc, it’s all good!! Please keep tracks roughly in the region of 3 to 10 minutes and submit them as WAV files, please by JULY 1ST 2013.

Email your MediaFire/DepositFiles etc download links to the following address:

emailIt’s shaping up to be quite a cool compilation!! If you intend on submitting something, but haven’t done so yet, then feel free to drop me an email just so I know roughly how many pieces I’ll end up with and so no one gets left out.



Yes, speaking of compilations, the word on the street is that a couple of Shack in the Barley Productions artists have recently submitted tracks towards forthcoming (non-Shack in the Barley Productions) compilations. I’m not sure at the moment if any of the tracks have been accepted, or indeed if/when said compilations will be coming out, but rest assured I’ll update ye all if/when they emerge.

Watch this space. No, not *that* one, this one here>>>


That’s all for now. Look out for another update within the next few weeks. Cheers for the ongoing support!!


Recent soundtrack:

soundtrack may 2013

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