NEW TAPES ETC – Mink & Mutton, The Golden Gonk & Acrid Skull / Compilation Reminder


Mink & Mutton s/t (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar080) – £2.50 (not including postage)

A) Mutton (14:19)
B) Mink (14:19)

“Why do they come here? Mental malformations, perhaps- pleading and whimpering, dripping and shivering…all loose knobs and damaged hinges, recipes and sob stories. And at the most inappropriate times! How can we be expected to give a voice to the eventual self-satisfied silence? To sense a shape through decades’ worth of mouldering carpet? That’s for them to know and us to find out, I suppose…in moments of weakness…inspiration…or madness!”

29 minutes of deep electro-mong from hot new chart sensation MINK & MUTTON…peel back the layers and WIN A PRIZE.

Pink C30 cassette in a clear front/black back case with full colour artwork and tape labels. Strictly limited to 11 copies.



The Golden Gonk
“The Turtle’s Head” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar081) £2.50 (not including postage)

A) Cracking the Shell (14:34)
B) Emerging (14:34)

The turtle’s head, emerging fast!! A rebirth of sorts. Breaking out beneath the greyest of skies. Heading towards the salty waves with the shell forever in tow. Perhaps it’s better this way…though gulls are all around…

This epic multi-sectioned composition floats and flows across two sides of tape and is comprised of droning folky acoustic/electric guitar loops, glowing layers of incubator synth, ultra submerged clouds of billowing free bass, persistent skitters of junk shop percussion, plainitive wisps of voice and much more!!

The turtle’s head- the prelude to a deluge. Ten years in and still not done!!

Green C30 cassette in a clear case with full colour artwork and tape labels, plus a bonus birthday candle. Strictly limited to 11 copies.


Both tapes have now been added to the Shop page of this site…

…or you can buy them through me on Discogs…


Acrid Skull
s/t (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar082)

1. African Grey (2:58)
2. Fabulous Willy (2:40)
3. Jeopardy Leopard (2:03)
4. Real Shit (6:45)
5. Stilt Fire (33:03)
6. Daft Tart (The “Remixed ‘Cos the Original Mix Was Crap” Mix) (9:30)
7. Bone Structure (17:29)
8. Flag Waved (7:17)

Yes folks- it’s time!! Time to yank North West guitar mangler Clifford T. Skull’s filthy, crumbling noise creations back out of the dungeons of obscurity and into YOUR (delete where applicable) house/flat/bungalow/caravan/shed/other (please specify) to stink shit up a while. Go on- let it happen…it’s good for you!!

Download the zip file here (contains both the music and full artwork):

Size – 75.32 MB

Acrid Skull existed for all of a few weeks back in the heady sensory soup of weirdness that was early 2008. High on tea, musty odours, “Four Raga Moods” and “The Book of Eternity Set Aflame” and haunted by some words of wisdom from a kid with special needs and a lingering mental image of that woman off the telly in *those* shorts, over a couple of overcast afternoons, our hero Cliff stole away to a disused wing of The Miners Home in Bispham armed with little more than his guitar, amp and shagged out fuzz pedal and a cheapo tape recorder and within this bleak, dusty environment proceeded to dub the sounds of his heart, brain, soul and bowels directly onto a crusty old Memorex cassette, producing two album’s worth of material in the process.

Following a brief appearance at the ‘Tortured Axes’ all-day fest/house party and a session ’round at Shack in the Barley HQ to record some stuff for a release that never came out, Mr. Skull promptly ‘took his ball and went home’ as it were…

Not a peep more was heard…until now!! Well, I finally tracked him down and persuaded him to let me reissue his stuff as part of my ‘The Golden Gonk presents…’ showcase series of releases at least!! It’s a start…

Tracks 1-4 originally released on the “Circus Cough” cassette. Track 5 originally released on the single-sided “Stilt Fire” cassette. These cassettes were only ever available at the aforementioned ‘Tortured Axes’ all-dayer in April 2008. Tracks 6-8 previously unreleased. The original mix of track 6 was intended for release on a split single with Pigeons From Christ, to be entitled “Our Stiff and Rigid Three Inch”, but this was cancelled in the end.



Some of you may recall I put out a request last month asking for tracks to go towards a compilation based around the theme of NOSTALGIA– I’ve had a few submissions so far, so thanks to the people who sent those, but as the old saying goes, the more the merrier!! So, in case you missed the details last month, here they are again…

Nostalgia– whatever your take on it, however you react to feelings of it, whether you’re for or against it, I want your tracks about it/inspired by it/evoking it!!

All ‘experimental’ styles are welcome– drone, noise, ambient, free improv, psychedelic rock, avant classical, dub, psychedelic folk, free jazz, weird black metal, field recording, lo-fi singer songwriter, glitch, minimalism, industrial, prog rock, power electronics, shoegaze, musique concrète, IDM, noise pop…you get the picture…

Please keep tracks roughly in the region of 3 to 10 minutes and submit them to me as WAV files if possible.

Email your MediaFire/DepositFiles etc download links to:

Deadline for submissions: July 1st 2013

Please spread the word- the more people get involved with this compilation, the better the end result will be!!

Many thanks if you choose to submit something- I look forward to hearing your jams!!

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