‘THE GOLDEN GONK PRESENTS…’ – volume 3 “Cross-Pollination at the Point of Flame” by Hot-Headed Spectres

Here’s a nice bit of free stuff to kick off 2013 with…the third volume of the series I like to call ‘The Golden Gonk presents…’ to be exact…

Hot-Headed Spectres “Cross-Pollination at the Point of Flame” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar020)

1. Pale Whale Stuffed with Pig Meat (Which is Mostly Bacon) (30:11)
2. Brick Pyramid on Sea, Housing Tropical Birds (13:31)
3. Wild Sea Winds Convening in the High Heavens, Thus Coalescing into a Grey Mulch of Marsh and Eventually Succumbing to the Discrete Advances of a Leggy Witch and a Rhinoceros Viper (20:02)

What we ‘ave ‘ere folks is a brand spanking new version of the one and only album by the short-lived Golden Gonk offshoot project Hot-Headed Spectres, that was originally ‘released’ (I use the term lightly- more like ‘given to a small handful of people who probably don’t even remember that they have it’ hehe) back in autumn 2006 on CD-R.

To be honest, I was never that happy with the original version, hence my consigning it to obscurity about 5 minutes after it first came out…now I’m not normally one to tinker with the past, no matter how crap I think something is- I’m more from the “learn from your mistakes and move on” school of thought- but for whatever reason I always really wanted to rework this sucker and make it more like I heard it in my head when I was originally getting the ideas for it together…yeah- I thought that might be…interesting…

So, several years down the road, it’s finally done!! Remixed…remastered…(partially) re-recorded…overdubbed…new artwork…the works, kids (same ol’ catalogue number, though)!!

Commencing with half an hour of blissful sludge, moving through ecstatic peaks of modal joy and concluding with a suite for free form voices, percussion, acoustic and electric guitars, drone organ, bass, radio static and a dreaming cat, “Cross-Pollination at the Point of Flame” is a true psychedelic polished turd

Download the zip file here (contains both the music and full artwork):


Size – 58.57 MB


Next up from Shack in the Barley Productions…

Mink & Mutton s/t (cassette)
The Golden Gonk “The Turtle’s Head” (cassette)

Hopefully these will be out before the end of February.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the Shop and Listen & Download pages for the full lowdown on what I currently have for sale and of course, what I’m giving away for FREE!!


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