Yes- you read correctly, the FREE GONK series ends here with volume 15…

“Sand Behind the Curtains” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar077)

1. November 18th 2008 (34:04)

i) A Bony Brain and a Starry Sky
ii) Swaying Net
iii) No Horse, No Donkey / Call of the Depot
iv) Rigid Regeneration of the Salted Zones
v) Unveiling of the Template
vi) Curtains Twitch in the Village of Sand
vii) Correlation With the Visuals
viii) Bends of Hedges
ix) Bush Pisser

2. December 17th 2008 (35:09)

i) Hypothermia Theme / Refresher 1
ii) Lacking a Hat at the Black Bandstand
iii) Perpendicular to the Horizon / Refresher 2
iv) Hostile Dog Avoidance and Crocodile Suspension in Amidst Strange Sculptures and Pizza Parlours
v) Bench Chunnerings
vi) Lunatic Dance of Liberation / Refresher 3
vii) A Furry Appendage Skims Mud
viii) Lustful Contemplation Through the Main Haunts
ix) Pagan Sorcery (Aura of an Era)
x) The Trail Goes Cold (Jewelled Deception)

Sometimes in life it’s nice to steal away…to escape…to NOT be a part…to NOT do what’s “expected” of you…to duck and dive and DECEIVE…to pull the wool…to do whatever it takes for some peace of mind…sometimes it’s nice to swerve around whatever it is that you DREAD…whatever it is that plants a big knot in your guts…whatever it is that runs endless rings around your brain…sometimes it’s nice to be TIMID…to shy away…to give in and HIDE…LISTEN TO THE INNER BEAST…nobody actually cares, so sod it- if you want to do it, then DO IT…skulk about in the shadows…run through frosty gardens…go and sit on a cold, damp bench and wait for the sun to rise…go and walk in the deserted park and think about the people you fancy the most off the telly…try to claw back some semblance of the past…the essence, the spirit, the core of mystery and beauty…the naivety and ignorance…before everything got nailed down, fenced in, roped off, locked away…before golden leaves turned to fetid mulch…try to keep out of the way of angry looking creatures…try not to fall into the filthy lake just yet…keep your head down…keep your hood up…until the next time…

“Sand Behind the Curtains” is a musical retelling of two mornings…the distinct stages of two very strange journeys- the kind we all have from time to time…the kind where hitherto undiscovered places give you the feeling they’ve been with you forever, yet familiar places you pass through seem alien…the kind where everything you see, everything you say, everything you do, everything you lack seems to be loaded with some sort of ‘significance’…the kind that awaken old, forgotten ghosts…the kind that bring new ghosts into your life to haunt you in years to come…

All the psychedelic minimalist cosmic pagan synth drone folk cut-up distorted ambient drifting swirling improv field recording freak out sounds on this album were captured/collaged/crossfaded/curdled/cremated by The Golden Gonk in late 2012.

Download the zip file here (contains both the music and full artwork):

Size – 63.65 MB

So…that’s it for FREE GONK. A sincere thank you to everyone who has downloaded this stuff over the past 17 months- I hope you’ve enjoyed it and will continue to do so in the future. If you’ve missed any volumes you can always visit the ‘Listen & Download’ page and snag them there.

Look out for further volumes of the *other* free Shack in the Barley Productions download series ‘The Golden Gonk presents…’ (a showcase for other acts on the label) probably from January 2013 onwards, as well as other free bits and pieces (by The Golden Gonk or otherwise) that I’ll stick out at random intervals.



That’s not all we have to offer this month, though…oh no…here’s the lowdown on the new Golden Gonk tape…

“Psychedelic String Death / Paint On Apples Fantasia” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar078) – £3.00 (not including postage)

A) Psychedelic String Death (27:37)
B) Paint On Apples Fantasia (26:38)

A splendid new C60 cassette of recordings (mostly) made during autumn 2012. Striking fluorescent green tapes and hand decorated card sleeves, each wrapped up snugly in a woolly pouch. LIMITED TO 10 COPIES!!


Side A features an amplified guitar string removal improv performance…a ‘ritual’ of sorts…groans and drones…clicks and scrapes…sudden bursts of rage…tearing and sawing away at the redundant, the rusted…dying chokes…last gasps…echoes and flashes…no let up until all is floppy and formless…until all that’s left is an endless hum in the chilly dusk air…the gentle sound of the end…

Side B is a much more peaceful affair, consisting of an electric guitar ‘fantasia’ on a piece originally composed ‘way back’ in late 2002, entitled “You Got Paint On the Apples”. I was listening back through some demo/rough idea tapes not so long ago and came across a recording of said piece that I made shortly after it was composed. It was a ‘reaction’ of sorts to the death of a loved one in September 2002 and I thought it would be fitting to revisit its melancholy themes 10 years on in the form of an improvisation, but also to include the original demo recording in some way, so I transferred the cassette recording to the computer, timestretched and effected it accordingly, then layered the new improvisation on top…et voilà…

Samples of both pieces…

This item has now been added to the ‘Shop’ page, where you’ll find all the order details…

…or you can buy one through me on Discogs…

All CD-R titles are currently on sale, so feel free to add some other stuff to your order and save on postage!!

I accept Paypal!!



That’s all for now, folks. Thanks for your support throughout 2012!! 2013 will be my 10th year (!!) of making music as The Golden Gonk, so I’m going to try and make it a special one. Enjoy the sounds and see you next year…

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