FREE GONK – volume 14 “Earwax (And Other Things That Are Yellow)”

A year to the day that FREE GONK humbly kicked off with “The Farts of Cadavers”, here we have volume 14- the PENULTIMATE volume- for your aural delectation…

“Earwax (And Other Things That Are Yellow)” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar075)

1. Submarine (3:08)
2. Bananas and Lemons (7:31)
3. Pages (7:20)
4. Rubber Duck (3:29)
5. That Song by Coldplay (3:02)
6. Brick Road (4:11)
7. Dandelions and Buttercups (8:11)
8. Piss (4:57)

A primitive and minimal electronic ‘soundtrack’ to a bizarre, quasi-dystopian vision of the future I once had, in which a certain famous telephone directory company (headed by Bobby the Banana– look him up) had violently overthrown the government and was slowly in the process of turning the UK completely YELLOW– our streets, our buildings, our clothes, our vehicles, the food and drink we were permitted to consume, the toys we could give our children, the flowers we could plant in our fields and gardens, the trash on our radios…all yellow…

Scary stuff…

Download the zip file here (contains both the music and full artwork):

Size – 38.72 MB

The threat of this NEW YELLOW ORDER coming to power is very real…we must FIGHT against it at every opportunity before it does…remember- failure to comply to their rules would result in public humilation and execution…paraded down the streets of your hometown in a giant chicken suit…pelted with lumps of rotten pineapple flesh by the baying, jaundiced mob…then drowned in a giant vat of piss and melted Tylzycki cheese…no one wants that…

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2 Responses to FREE GONK – volume 14 “Earwax (And Other Things That Are Yellow)”

  1. Luke says:

    I’ve got this playing at the tattoo shop where I work, it’s freaking people out :). It’s like Selected ambient works but more unhindged and sickly. It’s awesome!

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