FREE GONK – volume 11 “Lapping Ripples are Hatched in Whispers” / GONK AKTION UPDATE – April 2012

There’s lots to update you on this month, starting with the unveiling of FREE GONK volume 11…

“Lapping Ripples are Hatched in Whispers” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar070)

1. Horny Seapath (7:13)
2. Ghost Waves of River Dolphins (15:38)
3. Skeletons Shudder Beneath a Busted Umbrella (14:49)
4. The Haunted Gents’ Toilets (7:42)

Much like Free Gonk volume 3 (“On the Subconscious Promenade”), this is an album inspired by the Blackpool seafront…specifically the sights and sounds I took in during lonesome dusktime strolls along it in the late springs and early summers of years gone by…

It’s a fairly diverse release, with sections of strange minimalism, chaotic free improv, monotonous psych folk, soothing drifting ambience, spooked locational recordings…

All the sounds on this album were recorded earlier this month, except for the electric guitars on “Ghost Waves of River Dolphins”, which were recorded in October 2003 and the electric guitars and acoustic piano on “Skeletons Shudder Beneath a Busted Umbrella”, which were recorded in May 2004 and May 2005 respectively.

Download the zip file here (contains both the music and full artwork):

Size – 41.98  MB

Enjoy the sounds…


Now for a news update regarding other related shenanigans…


Yes indeed- the magnificent debut album by this mysterious Yorkshire-based droner (that I mentioned last month) is available to buy as of today!!

Breath of the Onion – “Laying Low for a Living” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar069)

1. A Snout in the Earth and a Chill in the Air (17:49)
2. The Onion’s Breath is Inhaled from the Broth (17:49)

Two satisfyingly epic pieces consisting of sick, murky synth hum, grinding bass, bad trip delayed/reverbed/fuzzed out flute, groaning feedback, grumbled vocals and a whole host of other unidentifiable electronically-processed sounds, all expertly mixed into a menacing, but quite beautiful whole by Mr. Breath himself. Essential for fans of Double Leopards, Robedoor, Birchville Cat Motel, Sick Llama…

For a sample, please check out Shack in the Barley Productions’ official Soundcloud page:

The album is available as a CD-R in a ONE OFF PRESSING of just 17 HAND-NUMBERED COPIES, 10 of which come with a brown cover, 7 with an orange cover. The first 5 copies of the edition also come with a bonus mystery ALCHEMICAL TOOL!!

If you’d like to own a copy of this awesome release, it’ll cost you a mere £3.00, plus postage costs to wherever yer dwelling. I accept Paypal. To order please send an email to…

…or check the Breath of the Onion Discogs page and buy one through me on there…

Please don’t snooze on this one- snag a copy asap or you may be disappointed!!



But of course- just what the world needs…another batch of useless free MP3 downloads from Shack in the Barley Productions hehe…nah only kidding- this brand new series, which I’m hoping to kick into life at some point next month, promises to be quite cool…

So yeah- the main aim of ‘The Golden Gonk presents…’ is to showcase a bunch of other projects on my label roster by putting out their stuff, completely free of charge. Most of these don’t feature me in any way, shape or form (you’ll be glad to know hehe), though I imagine as the series progresses I’ll stick out the odd thing by one of my side-projects…

Volume 1 will be “Sober Doberman Enjoys a Cemetery Sandwich” by the very-nearly-defunct (boo hoo!!), but forever mighty THREE FRENCH ROOSTERS.

This should be available to download in the next update…



“Elements 1” is a compilation by the up and coming drone/experimental/post-rock/ambient-focussed website The Future Elements. It features over thirty tracks, one of which is a previously unreleased Golden Gonk piece entitled “A.W.D.N.B.” (aka “A Watch Dog Never Boils”).

According to TFE’s Facebook page, the comp (which only came out a few days back) has already had 12,000 streams/plays and nearly 1,000 downloads, which is pretty awesome news really!!

If you haven’t already downloaded it, here’s the link:


What an epic update…look out for the next one in about a month’s time…cheers for reading/listening etc!!


Recent soundtrack:

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