FREE GONK – volume 9 “Seasons of the Gonk”

Finally…here it is…volume 9 of the FREE GONK series!! It’s a big one…

“Seasons of the Gonk” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar067)

1. Often It’s No One (26:39)
2. Fishing With Splinters (16:06)
3. I’ve Stepped Out Into This Morning Before (23:32)
4. Too Much Boogie (For Metal Joe) (13:05)
5. Spanish Radio Spectres (17:40)
6. Frankenstein’s Raga (15:35)
7. Music From “The Bonfire Maze” (18:00)
8. Hairline Fracture on a Star (19:30)

“Seasons of the Gonk” was originally intended to come out in 2006 as a conceptual subscription series of CD-Rs, à la the “Jewelled Antler Library” and Hand/Eye’s “Folklore of the Moon”. The basic idea was that subscribers would receive a brand new Golden Gonk piece every few weeks, which would work out as 2 pieces inspired by and released within each season of that year…but alas, soon after coming up with the idea I realised I had no fans who might be interested in such a thing…so yeah- the subscriber idea fell by the wayside, but I still went ahead and recorded most of the intended tracks during 2006 for my own amusement. Anyway- it wasn’t until summer 2010 that I decided to revisit the project and try to make something of it…so I recorded and mixed the tracks I never got around to in ’06 and had every intention of putting it out as a double CD-R, but for whatever reason this never happened either!! Oh well. None of this matters now though, ‘cos IT’S FINALLY OUT!!

Download the zip file here (contains both the music and full artwork):

Size – 137.79 MB


PS – I’ll be re-uploading the previous 8 volumes of FREE GONK to this new host over the next few weeks…

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