“The Moon is Heaven” – OUT NOW!!

On December 31st 2003, I dubbed off three or so cassette copies of my first album as The Golden Gonk- “The Moon is Heaven”. It featured rough guitar and voice demo versions of 25 songs that I’d written that year. I kept one copy for myself…gave the second to a friend…and I’m not sure what happened to the third copy…it’s probably still sitting in a cupboard somewhere…hmm…

Anyway- exactly 8 years on from these humble and low-key (to say the least!!) beginnings, I’m proud to present a fully re-recorded, fleshed out and PUBLICLY AVAILABLE (!!) version of this album that I put together between August and December this year…

“The Moon is Heaven” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar065/066) 2 x CD-R – £4.00 (not including postage costs)

Disc Moon

1. Clouds Say Hello (4:20)
2. You Love Her (2:32)
3. A Box of Assorted Creams (6:21)
4. Harvest (2:58)
5. Drowning in Salty Water (3:06)
6. Tintern Girl (3:45)
7. Further Miracles (4:38)
8. Iceberg (3:12)
9. Happening (S! Reprise with Added Tongue) (4:12)
10. Me & Trains (3:12)
11. Flower Collector (3:58)
12. Lone Light (2:38)
13. Two Bites From the Misery Apple (2:05)
14. Mermaids Make Love (7:13)

Disc Heaven

1. Startling a Unicorn (5:28)
2. A Holy Trinity (Plus Two) (12:46)
3. Timid (3:36)
4. The Last Two Pieces of Bread (5:06)
5. Rainy Week Song #4 (6:11)
6. Meet ‘Round the Teapot (2:11)
7. Distant & Fuzzy (3:36)
8. A Nervous Laugh for the Sulky Types (5:42)
9. Knots (3:13)
10. You Fall… (2:55)
11. Holes in Dreams (6:54)

Here are a few of the songs for you to hear…

Further Miracles :

Lone Light :

Startling a Unicorn :

You Fall… :

If you’d like to buy a copy of this double CD-R, please send an email to…

…and I’ll reply promptly with all the order details!!

Thanks for the support!!

PS – don’t forget there’s an EP of four additional songs from the “TMiH” sessions available for FREE download!! It’s called “Craters” and you can get it here:


Size – 20.09 MB



PPS – one of the Golden Gonk-featuring compilations that I mentioned in the last post has been released and is available for free download. It’s entitled “You Have 10 Seconds”, it features 109 songs (3 of which are mine) within 18 minutes and is pretty mental on the whole…






Well, I suppose that’s it for this year!! Thanks again to all those who have visited this site and listened to my music- it means a lot (even if you thought it was crap hehe)!!

The next Golden Gonk release will be an album entitled “Towards…”, which I hope to have out at some point during January.

Until then, take it easy!!

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