FREE GONK – volume 8 “Peculiar Roots” / Comp appearance news

Another gift of Gonk…FREE GONK volume 8 to be precise…

“Peculiar Roots” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar064)

“Peculiar Roots” is an extended piece based around extracts from several previously unreleased compositions that I wrote and recorded back in 2003. These extracts have been remixed and collaged together with various improvisations and field recordings/samples from this year to create a psychedelic monolith…


Download the zip file here (contains both the music and full artwork):

Size – 18.7 MB

This is the last FREE GONK of 2011, but fear not as I’ll be unveiling volume 9 at some point during January 2012!! Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and listened to my music this year- I hope you’ve enjoyed at least some of it!!



As suggested rather explicitly by the second part of the post title, I have some news regarding a couple of upcoming Golden Gonk compilation appearances…

You may have read waaaaayyyyy back in August that I recorded a version of the psychedelic pop classic “Vacuum Cleaner” by the amazing ’60s group TINTERN ABBEY for an album of B-side covers (curated by some people at the music community site Rate Your Music)…well- good news as (from what I can gather) it won’t be long now before it’s out!! I’m guessing it’ll be downloadable by January or February…

But before that, a different guy from Rate Your Music is getting ready to unleash something entirely different and altogether more bizarre- an album consisting of 10 second (or thereabouts) long songs!! As you might expect, as soon as I read about this I wanted to get involved, so I sent over 3 conceptually linked psych folk miniatures- “Three French Hens- First Hen”, “Three French Hens- Second Hen” and (you guessed it) “Three French Hens- Third Hen”.

In addition to my contributions, the album will feature over 100 other tracks by loads more people!! Going off the song titles that I’ve seen, I’m guessing these will range from noise to punk to dark ambient to black metal to avant-garde to dubstep (whatever that is) etc…so yeah- basically it’ll probably be full of weird junk (yay) and BEST OF ALL the curator is aiming to release it on DECEMBER 30th!!

I’ll post up all the download details as and when I get them…

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