FREE GONK – volume 7 “Four Wedges of Cake”

We don’t mess around here at Shack in the Barley Productions…a mere 2 weeks on from “Ich Träumte…”, here’s the seventh FREE GONK release for you to wrap your ears around…

“Four Wedges of Cake” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar063)

1. Cheap Whispers & Chinese Vodka (11:12)
2. Further Bright Emissions (15:57)
3. Penetration…Beyond the Veil of the Flesh (13:02)
4. Leon’s Theme 2010 (11:04)

The first piece was recorded live in Preston some time during spring 2004 and features not only THE GONK in action, but Dave and Phil too!! I rediscovered it in my archives earlier this year and considered either putting it out as a 3″ CD-R or a cassette, but didn’t bother with either in the end. The second piece was put together using the leftover material from the sessions for FREE GONK volume 4 (“Bright Emissions From the Weapons Room”), so expect sombre organs, spacey echoed guitars and looped vocals galore on this ‘un!! Plus some other stuff that I’ve forgotten about!! The third piece was created in early spring 2011 during the sessions for the as-yet-unreleased double album “Irdischen Meditationen über Horror und Porno”, but was left off the final running order for various reasons!! If I’d gone ahead with the cassette release of “Cheap Whispers…”, then this piece of nasty sludge probably would have gone on the B-side. Wow!! The fourth piece is a sort of psychedelic minimalist techno noise drone reworking of a ‘theme tune’ I ‘composed’ (on a balalaika, natch) at some point inbetween 2003-2005 for a guy called Leon (as you might have guessed). I’m not sure why I decided to do it, but whatever- the reworking was recorded/mixed and all that malarky one day in late summer 2010.

Download the zip file here (contains both the music and full artwork):

Size – 47.22 MB

Happy listening to you all, as ever…

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