“Craters” EP free download / GONK AKTION UPDATE – December 2011

Yes, friends- another week and another completely free Golden Gonk release for you all to download (if you so wish!!)…

“Craters” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar062) –

1) Song Drowned Out by the Chirping of Birds Through My Window in the Early Morning (6:10)
2) Handcuffed to a Ghost (4:43)
3) Remember the Pigeons (5:43)
4) An Asterisk in My Head (4:54)

“Craters” is not the next volume in the FREE GONK series, but rather a ‘pre-release taster’ for the forthcoming re-recorded version of my 2003 debut album “The Moon is Heaven”.

As you may have read elsewhere on this site, there were lots of songs that didn’t make the original cut of “TMiH” back in the day, so when I set about re-recording the album back in August I made the decision to re-record most of the unused songs too (waste not, want not and all that). This EP is made up of four of these songs!!

The mood throughout “Craters” is sort of pastoral and melancholy I suppose. I was listening to people like Kevin Ayers, Roy Harper and The Incredible String Band a lot during the period that the songs were originally written, so maybe their influence rubbed off a little? I hope you enjoy it anyway!!

Download the zip file here (contains both the music and full artwork):


Size – 20.09 MB


As well as the release of “Craters”, there are a few other things to update you on, so here we go…

I’m still hoping to have the aforementioned brand spanking new double CD-R edition of “The Moon is Heaven” out AT SOME POINT before December 31st…!! It’s taking far, far longer to do than I originally anticipated, but if I ‘get my head down’ over the next few days, then I should be able to put the finishing touches on it and release it to the world before the year is over!!



Anyway- as if the release of “Craters” and “TMiH” wasn’t enough, I will also be unleashing TWO MORE volumes of FREE GONK later this month!! Volume 7 will be entitled “Four Wedges of Cake”, while volume 8 will be entitled “Peculiar Roots”.

On the subject of FREE GONK, please don’t forget about volume 6 (“Ich Träumte von den Dunklen Zeiten”), which came out on November 30th and can be downloaded in the previous post or on the Listen & Download page. I was quite happy with how this one turned out (for once!!), so feel free to grab it and (most importantly) CRANK IT!! Err, even though it’s not a particularly ‘loud’ album…crank it anyway…yeah…


That’s it for now I suppose- until the next post, happy listening!!


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