There are quite a few things to update you on, so here we go…

* Work has *finally* begun on the re-recording of the debut Golden Gonk album “The Moon is Heaven”!!

The first version of this album was an extremely rough, lo-fidelity C90 cassette that I put together at the fag end of 2003. It was made up of guitar/voice demos of songs I’d written throughout that year. The playing was sloppy, the singing was even worse than usual…in fact, a few of the songs weren’t even finished properly…so yes- not the best of starts for TGG…but a start nonetheless!!

Anyway- in the years that followed I often dreamt about doing a new version with fuller instrumentation, better production etc, but was always too busy with other stuff to commit…however, come 2011- the 8th anniversary of the creation of both The Golden Gonk and “The Moon is Heaven”…8 is my ‘lucky’ number in case you’re wondering- I finally thought “gotta do it!!”

So, on August 5th I started recording and am still hard at it. To complicate matters, not only am I re-recording the 25 songs that made up the original “The Moon is Heaven” cassette, I’ve also decided to re-record all of the other usable songs I wrote back in ’03!! Not sure how many songs I’ll end up doing- am still trawling through the pile of demo/rough idea tapes I made that year in search of the good stuff- but I’m guessing it’s in the region of 50 songs!! No idea what I’m going to do with these extra cuts yet…watch this space!!

I’m hoping to have the re-recorded “The Moon is Heaven” album fully recorded and mixed at some point during the autumn so I can release it as a double CD-R in December.


* In the meantime, the FREE GONK juggernaut keeps on rolling!! As you may have read in the last blog post, I’m now offering free downloads of exclusive Golden Gonk music via this site. The first volume in the series, “The Farts of Cadavers”, came out at the end of July (see the previous blog post or go to the Listen & Download page for the download link). I’m hoping to have the next one finished, hosted and posted by the end of August. It will be entitled “Synaesthesic Afternoons”



* All of the above craziness means unfortunately I’ve had to push back the release date for the double CD-R “Irdischen Meditationen über Horror und Porno” even further. It’s doubtful (haha), but if anyone out there was waiting for this ‘un to drop, then expect it within the next few months!! Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait…


* On a more positive note, yet again I’ve submitted a track for inclusion on a digital compilation curated by the music community site Rate Your Music. This time around the theme of the compilation is single B-sides, meaning I’ve done the unthinkable and RECORDED A COVER VERSION!! Yes, you read that right. Seeing as this is probably the only cover I will ever put out, I thought I better do a song that means a lot to me, so in the end I chose the song “Vacuum Cleaner” by psych pop Gods Tintern Abbey. This was the B-side to the song “Beeside”…which was the A-side…confusing!!

Not sure when the compilation will be finished- might not be for a while yet, but I’ll be sure to update you all when it’s done and dusted.


* Finally for now, rest in peace Conrad Schnitzler (electronic music legend and former member of Tangerine Dream and Kluster) and Akira “Joe” Yamanaka (singer with the Flower Travellin’ Band). Unfortunately both of these Golden Gonk heroes passed away at the start of August.


Recent soundtrack:

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