“A Far Cry Down This Chosen Path” – OUT NOW!!

That’s right, folks- the first brand new Golden Gonk album in (nearly) a year is 100% done, dusted and available in exchange for your pennies!!

As I mentioned back in April, the album contains 9 songs and runs for 57 minutes. It features sad and lonesome ballads, fuzzed out rockers, jangly folk pop, an epic prog/psych suite and a whole bunch of other stuff!!

“A Far Cry Down This Chosen Path” (Shack in the Barley Productions, shitbar053) – £3.50 (not including postage)

1. Chords for Toads (4:39)
2. Pictures of Katie (5:07)
3. BT, FS (3:45)
4. Posh Girl Walks Her Dog (4:11)
5. First Frost of the Season (9:35)
6. Pervert Industries (3:53)
7. Bye to Catt (4:28)
8. Keri Plum (4:08)
9. Citric Stallion Erupting Autumn (16:49)

CD-R in a slimline plastic wallet with full colour artwork and an insert. If you’d like to order one (or anything else for that matter!!) then please get in touch through this site or check Discogs.


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