“Girls! Girls! Girls!” comp- available for FREE download!

As I mentioned in the last post, I submitted a song for inclusion on a compilation curated by the website Rate Your Music. You’ll be pleased to hear that said EXCELLENT comp is now available to download, completely free of charge! Just click on the link below and you’ll be taken to the download page:


Happy listening!

“Girls! Girls! Girls!”

1 A Suffusion of YellowAlison
2 JPR the 1stWinona
3 LundegaardEliza
4 Zé FalhépicoClarice
5 Currents/KanyonsDelilah
6 Sounds From the Living RoomHeather
7 Graham RepulskiAnnie Waits
8 EzrealSarah
9 The Golden GonkJacqui Grimes
10 Robin_GoodfellowJessica
11 China GirlNina
12 David ClemmerJosephine
13 Snail BobArabella
14 ATSEA & Nun the WiserTasha
15 Push OffAnn
16 MidfieldJodean
17 Raincoat MafiaHaley Melendez
18 Ernula x CulianVera

Thanks to the people on the RYM site who have said positive things about the Golden Gonk song so far…wasn’t sure if anyone would like it, but it seems there are a few out there who do!

“I will laud the following track for its brilliance: “Jacqui Grimes”…one of the few, if not the, best contributions (to the “Rate Our Music” series) of all time. Of all time!” (comment by chinese algebra)

“…the best songs on Girls! Girls! Girls! are, in no particular order, “Josephine”, “Clarice”, “Jacqui Grimes”, “Jessica” and “Winona”…” (comment by Paulie Jay)

“Wonderful” (comment by SnailBob2)

“I must single out Jessica, Annie Waits, Jacqui Grimes and Josephine as songwriting perfection…” (comment by darsu)

“…shoegazy stuff, this one of the more ethereal variety than the melodic noise of Graham Repulski. Diggin’ it” (comment by Cinematery)

“Absolutely beautiful end to our psychedelic set, bringing things back down to earth…absolutely wonderful song…” (comment by Ezreal)

All really nice comments- thanks again!

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