A Far Cry Down This Chosen Path

“A Far Cry Down this Chosen Path”

1. Chords for Toads
2. Pictures of Katie
3. BT, FS
4. Posh Girl Walks Her Dog
5. First Frost of the Season
6. Pervert Industries
7. Bye to Catt
8. Keri Plum
9. Citric Stallion Erupting Autumn

(Total running time – 57:00 approx.)

This album was written/recorded/mixed between October 2010 and January 2011. It’s a first in the Golden Gonk discography in that it doesn’t feature any purely instrumental pieces- all 9 tracks are what you might call ‘proper songs’ with lyrics and all that malarky!! Woah!!

It’s a fairly diverse collection…typical GG navel-gazing melancholy loner ballads…a couple of groovy ‘rockers’ featuring ear scorchin’ fuzz guitar eruptions and freaky vocals…some naive folk pop moments which hark back to the pre-Gonk music of The Swiss Loaf Bakers…one track that ventures into sorta post-punky waters…and a monster 17 minute ‘suite’ to wrap things up!!


All I’ve got left to do is finalise the artwork and it’ll be ready for sale!! Hopefully this won’t take too long…

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