Third Time Lucky

Hello and welcome to the brand new official Golden Gonk/Shack in the Barley Productions blog!!

This is the third blog site I’ve set up to date- fingers crossed it’ll be a case of ‘third time lucky’ and I’ll actually bother to update this one more than once every few years hehe!!

There’s loads more to see and hear on this ‘un than on the old ones, so feel free to explore.

Anyway, speaking of luck- 2011…the 8th year of Golden Gonk activity…for some reason 8 has always been my lucky number, so I thought I should try and make my 8th year an extra special one for releases…not just for brand new music (more of that in the next post!!), but also for some cool re-recordings and ‘archival’ releases that I’ve got planned…

Watch this space!!


Today’s soundtrack:

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